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Tactics Effective Attacking 4-2-3-1 Formation


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Okay, so this is my first time posting a tactic. While I’ve experimented with a lot of different strategies and combinations, I found this to be quite effective for both lower league teams and top division teams. As you can see, i took Albinoleffe from the Italian serie C to the serie A, qualifying for the Champions league in my first season in the top flight ( Didn’t really do well in our first European campaign but still finished fourth in the league).

A FB/WB and CB are required for fullbacks while in the midfield, a BWM, RP and DLP/AP does the trick. The IF are essential for the wings and a Poacher up front. And if you have a trequartista 😋

Also, this tactics ensures a lot of clean sheet as you can see from the screenshot, i was one of the lowest conceding side in the league.

I hope this works for y’all as it did for me. Let me know your results in the comments Have fun ✌🏾











So here’s the result when i used it with Manchester United. I got the job mid-season after their loss to Juventus and i took them from 12 to their first league title in a while. Lost the FA Cup final to Liverpool but won the Europa league trophy against Dynamo Kyiv








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9 minutes ago, AndersJ said:

Thank you for posting :)! Great results with an average side :)! Did you test the tactic in other leagues :)?


Not yet.

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On 14/02/2021 at 14:02, AndersJ said:

Thank you for posting :)! Great results with an average side :)! Did you test the tactic in other leagues :)?


Just updated the post with my result managing man united. Worked pretty well I’d say 

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