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Career Foxy has (League) Standards - Season 6 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

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Foxy has (League) Standards - Introduction

Since early December I haven’t had much desire to play FMM21 in all honesty. I have tried multiple saves and got to around February/March of season 1 and just been bored and knocked it on the hard even when I was getting excellent results in what I was doing. The Steal One save was a lot of fun that I did but that never really feels like actually playing the game as I don’t have to make transfers so I can play a few games post and update and then do the same again without too much thought.

In the last week or so I have got the desire to play again and really that came from creating this challenge as the more I added in the more it appealed to me. 


If you don’t know I basically have to build a new squad every season using players exclusively from one of the top 6 leagues in Europe. The challenge lasts for 6 season with me using a different league each season to build my squad. Added into that I have to complete certain tasks each season to get bonus points onto my total.

Club Choice

I had to choose a club from one of these top divisions.


I decided I wanted to go to Germany for this save as I always tend to enjoy managing there and especially with a few less games it can make rotation of the squad much easier. The problem comes in the tasks as it’s only a 34 game league so that’s less games to hit some of the targets.

The obvious choice of club would be Bayern because of there squad and financial muscle or maybe Dortmund as again they have a good team and a decent amount of cash. In the end though I felt being another club would help keep my interest although I still wanted a good squad to start and a bit of money to spend as well.

It came down to Borussia Monchengladbach or RB Leipzig with the 🔴🐂 team coming out on top as they have some exciting players I wanted to use in season 1 before I had to sell them all. They have a good amount of money as well so they are the best alternative to the “big” two and they give me a chance to challenge straight away and hopefully post a good score.

Season 1 League Choice and Task

Initially when I created the challenge I planned to say that you had to use a different leagues players to the one you are managing in first so you straight away had to build a new squad. The problem was though that with the weird schedule in season 1 this year that only gives a couple of weeks to build a team which isn’t fair on anyone doing the challenge.

Thats the reason I will be starting with the Bundesliga as the first leagues players I use. This means I can keep the good players I have and then add a few more to my 25 man squad before the season starts. 

Task 1: There is 20 bonus points available every season for buying players from 10 different clubs in the league that season. This will be a bit more tricky in season 1 for me to complete because I will be keeping a big proportion of the squad but hopefully over two windows I can hit that target.

Season 1 Task - Worth 50 Bonus Points: This season I need to keep things balanced as I have to score an average of 2 goals per game in all competitions and not concede more than 0.5 goals per game over the season either. The goals scored should be relatively straight forward but obviously I can’t just go gung-ho and forget about defence as 0.5 GpG over a season isn’t that many. Depending on how I do in the cup and Europe I could have 50+ games so if it’s 50 games I would need to only concede 25 goals or less in those matches whilst also scoring 100 or more goals.

That’s the introduction done and I will be back in a few days to report on how season 1 went.

Thanks for reading.

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Shame to hear you've been lacking the motivation lately but hopefully this rekindles it somewhat! 

Great choice of club too, I'd have gone the same route. Look forward to seeing how you get on Foxy. Good luck

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I know that feeling, I’m recently forcing myself through seasons sometimes! Good luck with this one and hope your desire comes back for playing the game. Also I’m glad you put (league) in the title.

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I do really like this challenge and was thinking of how I’d approach it today. I like the team choice and this’ll certainly be interesting. Good luck.

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Glad to hear that something's brought your "spark" back.

We'd miss you otherwise :)

Honestly, I know the feeling. Especially if you get stuck in the middle of a hard career and things don't go your way.


Looking forward to seeing how you get on with this challenge.

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I'm not sure I'm clever enough to do that challenge, but I'm gonna enjoy watching you do it! 😄 Glad your motivated again, been there and it's sad when that happens. Anyway, good luck!

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Season 1 - German Bundesliga

I found out that my DNA is approximately 18% Germanic this week so it seems fitting that I started with a squad made up entirely of players bought from the Bundesliga.

What that means is that I can keep any players I started with in the squad for this season although with bonus points available for buying players from 10 different clubs I did get stuck into the transfer market.

Transfers - Transferring in player from 10 different clubs = 20pts 

RB Leipzig start with a 24 man squad but that immediately became 21 men as I had to end the loans of Henrichs, Angelino and Kluivert as they were on loan from non Bundesliga teams.

This immediately meant I had 4 spots available in the squad which became 5 spots as I demoted Lazar Samardzic to the reserves as I couldn’t sell him. Then I sold another 4 first teamers in the summer and winter windows meaning I had 9 spots available in the squad.

One player who doesn’t appear on the list of outs was Andreas Poulsen who I bought in the summer window and then P/X to get Durm in during the January window.




Those 9 spots in my 25 man team meant I had to be a little creative in my transfers to buy players from 10 different clubs in the Bundesliga. I loaned in a reserve GK from Hoffenheim for the first half of the season and then sent him back and loaned another reserve GK from Union Berlin for the second half of the season. I also did that swap deal with Andreas Poulsen leaving in January for Durm so in the end I managed to find a way to get my 20 bonus points for transfers.

My first half of the season squad looked like this.



My second half of the season squad looked like this.



Season 1 Task - As a team score over 2 GpG and concede less than 0.5 GpG

I was fairly confident on getting 2 or more GpG but it was the not conceding more than 0.5 GpG that was giving me sleepless nights. The squad I built was nice and balanced though and I had the advantage of it not being a complete rebuild.

The Champions League was always going to be tough with such good teams to play there was always the chance of conceding a few. The group stage was kind though with Sevilla the main opposition and despite 1 lost match and a draw we only conceded 2 goals in 6 games so just under the 0.5 GpG target and we were well over the 2 GpG total as well.


The Champions League run took us all the way to the semi finals as we faced Barcelona. We got a 1-0 win at home in the first leg but then blew the 2nd as we lost 2-0 in extra time. In all honesty Barca dominated both games and although I wanted to win at least we only conceded 2 goals over 2 games.


In the German cup we didn’t have a great run as we lost in the 3rd round to Wolfsburg on penalties in a match were they had 1 shot to our 21. It’s a shame this match wasn’t eligible for the @Rob FMMed challenge really as that’s what happened to us.

This result did harm our GpG scored total but if I was going to go out the cup at least it was with a clean sheet.


The league campaign was much more successful as we went unbeaten for the whole season albeit with 10 games drawn over the 34 games.

Goals scored and conceded is our main interest though.

Scored: 71 goals in 34 games = 2.08GpG

Conceded: 17 in 34 games = 0.5 GpG

So in the league campaign we hit the targets needed but it’s the overall total in all competitions that will win or lose me the extra 50 points on my challenge total.



Just as a reminder I get basic points for the season which is 3pts for a win in all competitions, 1pt for a draw and then +/- my GD in all competitions. I then get an extra 20pts for buying players from 10 different clubs and if I succeed in my season task I get bonus points each season as well.

Lets take a look at how I did then.

Wins: 34 win x 3 = 102pts

Draws: 12 x 1 = 12pts

Goal Difference: I had a GD of +77 = 77pts

Basic Points Total = 191pts

Task 1 - Buy players from 10 different clubs = 20pts

Season 1 Task - As a team score over 2 GpG and concede less than 0.5 GpG.

This was the final verdict on the season task then and remember it’s worth 50pts which is the equivalent of 16 wins and 2 draws of the basic points so it is a big bonus to my challenge total.


Goals Scored: 102 in 49 games = 2.08 GpG

Goals Conceded: 25 in 49 games = 0.51 GpG


I miss out on the bonus points by 0.01 f**king GpG🤬 or just one pissing goal!!!

The total was getting very close towards the end of the season and it was looking almost impossible with 7 games to go. I had the goals per game scored all sown up by this point so it simple came down to getting clean sheets.

It was the Barcelona game that killed my attempt though as it meant I wouldn’t get a 50th game and the winner they scored was my 25th goal conceded.


Season 1 Final Points

Basic Points: 191pts

Task 1: 20 pts

Season Task:

Total so far: 211pts


I move on to season 2 now needing to sell the entire first team and build a new 25 man squad from players from either the top flight in England, France, Italy, Spain or Portugal. 

Season 2 Task

Have 6 or more players score 20 goals or more in all competitions. A maximum of 3 of the players can be strikers but at least three cannot have any green in the striker position.

Thanks for reading.


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Amazing season.

I'm really looking forward to you selling your entire team and starting again.

It'll be interesting to see who you bring in.

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Season 2 - Portuguese Primeira Liga

Last season was fairly successful as I used a squad of players that all came from German clubs although I missed out on the bonus points by 1 goal. This is the first season where I had to completely rebuild the squad though and I decided to tick off the Portuguese league as I think there are harder tasks to come where I might be better served using players from bigger leagues to (hopefully) build a stronger squad.


I managed to sell most of my 25 man squad in the summer and then a couple in January raising £341m in the process although £51m of that was selling Rafa, who I signed from Benfica, to Chelsea in January so it was £290m raised from my squad last season.


The board were generous with the money so that I was able to spend just over £400m over the course of the season. My main worry is how much of that will I get back when I sell this lot next season.

I spent the most money on attacking players as this seasons task is goals based so £80m went out for Fabio Vieira and £40m on Baró. I did make a nice profit on Rafa as I got him for £34m and then sold him in January for £51m to Chelsea. I also got Moussa Marega for £10m as he has been an absolute must to have for any goal challenge where you need to use a player from Africa or Portugal.


Task 1 - Sign Players from 10 or more different clubs: I signed players from 12 different Portuguese teams so that is 20 points onto my total.

I forgot to get a screenshot of the squad after the first window but this was it at the end of the season with the changes from the summer window being Marega and Rafa had left in Jan because they had the goals I needed and Pizzi and Taremi had joined.

The tactic changed constantly through the second half of the season as I looked to get players the goals I needed so don’t take too much notice of that line up.




This season was a bit more successful on the pitch as I won the cup and super cup which I didn’t the season before. The champions league alluded me though as I lost to Chelsea in the final.

The league form will need to improve again next season if I am to complete the season 3 task of getting 90 or more league points.

Super Cup



German Cup






Champions League




Season Task - Have 6 or more players score 20 goals or more in all competitions. A maximum of 3 of the players can be strikers but at least three cannot have any green in the striker position.

My aim in this task was to get two or three players preferably strikers to have 20 goals by January so I could sell them and bring in a couple more players to hopefully get the final few players I needed.

That didn’t quite work out although Marega was done by the winter break and I sold him in a swap deal.


This was the state of play at the winter break with Rafa very close to competing 20 goals, Ricardo Horta looking decent with 10 and then a few players who really needed to get more game time and more goals in the second half of the season.


Rafa was done in time for me to sell him on to Chelsea and that meant I had 1 striker and 1 non striker complete but I still needed two more of each.


It was two strikers that completed there 20 goals next with Ricardo Horta first up getting the 10 more goals he needed.


Andre Luis then completed in March as he enjoyed laying more often and got the 11 goals he needed pretty quickly.


That meant I just needed to get two more non strikers to 20 goals. Fabio Vieira was my big money signing for £80m and so I was delighted he got the job done in mid April as he played further forward in the Treq role more often.


That left just this man as my final hope for the bonus points.

I had brought Baró to play BBM and without any expectations that he would be one of my goalscorers but he had 5 goals by the mid winter break so I trained him to play further forward and he got some goals for me.


The question is would it be enough....

The answer was no as for the second challenge in a row I miss out by 1 goal from getting the 50 bonus points added onto my total!


I thought the CWC a might come to the rescue after he hadn’t scored against Chelsea in the CL final but I only had one game before the season change and although he got one goal he missed a penalty which would have got the job done 😩




Season 2

44 wins x 3 = 132pts

8 draws = 8pts

Goal Difference = 97pts

Buy players players from 10 different clubs = 20pts

6 players score 20 goals = 0pts

Season 2 Total: 257pts

Season 1 Total: 211pts

Total Points so Far: 468pts

Manager profile.



Season 3 Task - Varied number of points: You need to get 100pts league points or more if managing in England, France, Italy and Spain or 90pts league points or more in Germany and Portugal and if you do those league points will be halved to give your bonus points. So in the Premier League if you score 101pts in this season you will get 50.5 bonus points.


Thanks for reading.


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That penalty miss was so unlucky 😡. They’re becoming less and less reliable in important moments. Good score still. Lets hope you’d crack all the bonus next season.

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1 hour ago, broodje kip said:

That penalty miss was so unlucky 😡. They’re becoming less and less reliable in important moments. Good score still. Lets hope you’d crack all the bonus next season.

The penalty was very frustrating but just one of those things. Hopefully next seasons target will be more achievable.

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As soon as I saw it was Portugal I had a feeling I’d see Marega, what a fine player. Some other nice players there too and that Vieira looks very appealing, could see him turning into a bit of a Bruno in a few years.

Unlucky again but still a nice season.

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2 hours ago, Chris said:

Really weird challenges these, and they make for very interesting write ups.

Not sure my aim was for weird challenges just something a bit different but I’m glad you are enjoying the write ups :)

2 hours ago, Ian said:

As soon as I saw it was Portugal I had a feeling I’d see Marega, what a fine player.

Had to be done mate even though myself and plenty of others have used him in the past but he is just too good to ignore.

55 minutes ago, Kanegan said:

Again so close. Hopefully next season, you do cross the bonus line.

Thanks Kane.

49 minutes ago, anfieldsquirrel said:

Incredible stuff so far mate. Loving this 

Glad you are enjoying it AS.

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