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Career FC Edmonton - My Philosophy


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After my 1st save on Football Manager Mobile 21 with the Argentine side San Martìn, I wanted to try managing a club in one of the other new leagues added this season. In the end, I chose FC Edmonton in the canadian Leagues. The club were formed only 11 years ago & were listed as the lowest ranked club in the league. I wanted to judge the League & Club  as well as progress them.


When I started at FC Edmonton, the club had below average training & youth facilities with a small stadium of over 4,000 capacity. I asked the board to upgrade these but my request was turned down. The stadium although not big in size, is quite nice & in real life, there are rumblings of upgrading this.



Training was delegated to my Assistant Manager Jeff Paulus. Finances are okay but took a bit of a hit when purchasing additions. Staff Levels are low due to there being a lack of interest in Scouts & physio's joining the club.



On arriving at the club, the squad was very average with one or two very good players, some good players but most not being up to scratch. As you see, a number of players left and arrived at FC Edmonton. My system for reviewing the team and purchasing players changed too. I used the below system:

  • Aim for 22 players only
  • Review squad via Player search & Entering player role template with a 5+ rating until players only over 2x pages. 
  • IF,  the club does not have anyone on this list in that position, I transfered them or listed them.
  • On the other hand, I bought players who were 5+ in their player template until only 2/3 players left with me buying the most affordable




I used my attacking Tiki-Taka Tactic for this career with FC Edmonton. The players adapted to this style well and took to it almost immediately. This was due to the high quality signings brought to the club with their roles matching the style perfectly.




The result was one of shock in honestly, in my 1st season with FC Edmonton, We ended up winning the Canadian Premier League!🥳🥳🥳 Our signings, tactic & form were consistently good all season and even when we went down at HT, I had faith we could score more goals.  I even ended up winning Canadian Coach of the Year.My career in Canada has been good - it is a shorter season and the quality is not amazing BUT it is good fun and I have enjoyed it! 😊



Screenshot_20210215-210437_FM21 Mobile.jpgScreenshot_20210215-210442_FM21 Mobile.jpgScreenshot_20210215-210504_FM21 Mobile.jpgScreenshot_20210215-210722_FM21 Mobile.jpgScreenshot_20210215-211009_FM21 Mobile.jpgScreenshot_20210215-211035_FM21 Mobile.jpgScreenshot_20210215-211053_FM21 Mobile.jpg

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