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Career Ian attempts the 50/50 1k split challenge with Bruno (S4)

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11 hours ago, broodje kip said:

Ohh very close to complete the challenge! Should be done in a season or two. 8-1 in the Champions League final is madness! Looks you’ve really broken the game

Thanks Lord Danish, it’s looking good now but aren’t quite there yet. The tactics works very well here at Real but no doubt it’ll fail badly with lower level clubs.

11 hours ago, Dai_ said:

Another great season. Still looking World class too. Keep it up.

Thanks Dai, we keep going!

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Season 8

Bruno just needs six goals and 101 assists to complete the challenge and he hadn’t declined much at all going into this season so perhaps this will be the year we notice a drop off.

Let’s see if it was.



Reyna and Isak came in to replace Grealish and Lukaku and unfortunately we lost that great Hungarian midfielder at the end of the season. His contract was up and I hadn’t realised and before I knew it Chelsea had pounced. This certainly wasn’t part of my plan so I’ll weigh things up next season as I may be tempted to try and buy him back even if I have to pay over the odds. Courtois was kept on this season purely as a backup to Simon and I decided that this would be his final season, so he also went on a free. He must’ve had trouble deciding who to join out of BMG and Brugge though so in the end he just went to both, not quite sure how that’s going to work out!






Team Performances

We had a drop off in league goals this year but still a nice return and we had another nice Champions League final as we beat Napoli 8-0. Not much more to say really.









We ended up being a little annoyed as if we could’ve just scored one more goal in that Champions League final mentioned above we’d have completed the Gündogan challenge. I believe we had all of the other results down at around December time so we were just looking for the big 9-0. It never came and I’d more or less forgotten about it by the time we were due to play the final game of the season. It soon entered my thoughts when the goals were flying in unanswered though, just a shame we couldn’t manage it as it would’ve been quite special. We will still have one final chance next season though as I have decided to keep Goretzka for another year, he is declining a bit though so we’ll just have to see as he may well end up not playing much.










It was always my plan to offer him a new deal at some point, things were always looking good that we’d be able to agree the contract as I’d been into the negotiations page a few times and he’d always been willing to negotiate. I thought I’d wait until after New Year this season to make the official move, which I did and he accepted. He announced his idea to retire at the end of the deal and I left it at that. So we potentially have another five seasons to go after this one and I just can’t see us not doing it from here to be honest but we still need to play it out.



You can see at that stage he still hadn’t shown any real signs of decline.



I’ve been praying for an injury for what seems like years and years and he did at least suffer one this season, well sort of. He pulled up in the final league game of the season and I was kind of laughing at the time because as long as it doesn’t turn out to be a really bad one, he’ll only miss the Champions League final. The game finished and I just waited to find out the damage only to discover nothing there, so only an in game injury after all. He was even fit for the Champions League final so all a bit of a nothing really. Perhaps next year will be the year.



It probably won’t come as much of a shock to find out he managed to get the six goals he needed to hit that particular target. 70 he ended up with and also managed a further 55 assists which takes him to within 46 of that target and the completion of the challenge.



Slight signs of decline now so we’ll see how much that hinders him next season. We’ve got the safety net there with the five year contract but I’d like to get it done inside 10 seasons and I’d like to think we should be able to from here.










Striker Peak Years Challenge (Completed after five seasons)



Season 1

Bruno Fernandes: 62 goals and 50 assists in 53 games

Romelu Lukaku: 65 goals and 20 assists in 56 games

Andrea Belotti: 33 goals and 19 assists in 48 games

Season Total: 160 goals and 89 assists in 157 games = 249 points


Season 2

Bruno Fernandes: 71 goals and 68 assists in 61 games

Romelu Lukaku: 67 goals and 22 assists in 57 games

Andrea Belotti: 34 goals and 19 assists in 58 games

Season Total: 172 goals and 109 assists in 176 games = 281 points


Season 3

Bruno Fernandes: 61 goals and 55 assists in 51 games

Romelu Lukaku: 75 goals and 16 assists in 56 games

Andrea Belotti: 24 goals and 22 assists in 48 games

Season Total: 160 goals and 93 assists in 155 games = 253 points


Season 4

Bruno Fernandes: 77 goals and 47 assists in 55 games

Romelu Lukaku: 48 goals and 38 assists in 55 games

Andrea Belotti: 24 goals and 20 assists in 48 games

Season Total: 149 goals and 105 assists in 158 games = 254 points


Season 5

Bruno Fernandes: 89 goals and 60 assists in 59 games

Romelu Lukaku: 63 goals and 26 assists in 62 games

Andrea Belotti: 34 goals and 28 assists in 59 games

Season Total: 186 goals and 114 assists in 180 games = 300 points



Bruno Fernandes: 360 goals and 280 assists in 279 games = 640 points

Romelu Lukaku: 318 goals and 122 assists in 286 games = 440 points

Andrea Belotti: 149 goals and 108 assists in 261 games = 257 points

Grand Total: 827 goals and 510 assists in 826 games = 1,337 points



50/50 1k Split Challenge


Bruno Fernandes

Season 1: 62 goals and 50 assists in 53 games

Season 2: 71 goals and 68 assists in 61 games

Season 3: 61 goals and 55 assists in 51 games

Season 4: 77 goals and 47 assists in 55 games

Season 5: 89 goals and 60 assists in 59 games

Season 6: 66 goals and 55 assists in 57 games

Season 7: 68 goals and 64 assists in 58 games

Season 8: 70 goals and 55 assists in 56 games

Grand Total: 564 goals and 454 assists in 450 games


I’ve just literally now moved over to the next season and we finally have an injury to Bruno and it’s a bit of a bad one. He’s declined a little bit more too so I just hope he comes back in decent shape after his injury to complete the job.



Thank you for reading.

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