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Hi guys I just created this tactic with the intention of not allowing  any goals to be found, but I would like to score goals if you can help me and if possible with some images. Sorry for my english.





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Personally I'd change the Control mentality for Attacking.

Take off the Look for Overlap, you're playing Full-Backs so they're more defensive minded than Wing-Backs and will be caught out too often.

Change the tempo to Slow or Normal, Fast will leads to more misplaced passes with a lower quality side.

Change the Anchorman to a BWM or a DLP, if you change to a DLP, change the AP to a Box-to-Box.


I've also found that having one Winger and one IF means you're IF will score a load of goals, but you still need the Winger to put the crosses in.


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Just a few tweaks needed to make you more attacking whilst also remaining defensively solid I think.

  • Defence: I would change the FB to WB as you have look for overlap on but FB aren’t going to be as adventurous in overlapping.
  • Midfield: I would change the anchorman to a DLP so he plays more forward thinking passes. Then the CM I would change to a BBM so that he gets forward more and supports the striker and IF’s instead of just sitting in the middle of the pitch.
  • Team instructions: I would change Fast tempo down to normal. I would also change the passing to mixed so everything isn’t all played to feet. 

It then all depends on what players you have but ultimately that’s down to you to buy the best you can get.

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