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Chat Player Relationships

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Why is it that no relationships are forming between midfield and my forwards or between my forwards?

As you can see, my midfield and defense are forming some nice relationships, which I assume helps them play better together, but nothing up front.

I regularly play these players together in this formation and have been doing so for quite a few games now. Any ideas?

Ultimately I'm smashing the premier league right now, but i want more pretty lines!!


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Between certain positions relationships don't form, someone can correct me if I am wrong, but strikers and Central midfielders don't develop relationships, and often strikers take a bit longer to develop relations in my experience, as well as Goalkeeper to defenders.

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I tried a system somewhat similar and just couldn’t get any relationships to form between the forwards and midfielders over a season and a half. Can’t quite remember if the strikers did though between just themselves but I think not. If the system works then I wouldn’t worry personally but moving the IF’s back to the AM line may well cure it. 

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Yeah, it seems to me that if the players are 'too far apart', they don't develop relationships, but like @Ian said if the system works, don't worry about it. Early on I tried changing my formation so they were close enough to get the lines, but it's way better to have a formation that works but not have the lines than it is to have a formation that has the lines but doesn't work! 😄

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