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Career My Park Ji Sung Challenge

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I will be attempting the park ji sung challenge in order to get a badge

The Player: Jeong Woo Yeong

Well rounded Player and a player that I like playing with

I am already around halfway into the first season and results look very promising.

Thanks for reading.



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This is the same guy I used! I also brought Kim Tae Hwan and Lee Dong Il with him on the trip. 

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End of the First Season:


4919E08F-0CAD-40C7-A3A4-6E880388C7F3.thumb.png.4ce7c3287d443382f10786c7040c8775.png8FD94B15-BD47-441A-A37D-61DA84B970DB.thumb.png.e506d1e7e41d868a14e05aad6e82010b.pngI offloaded some deadwood and youngsters and then replaced them with better players. Alex Centelles was chosen as a Max backup and I replaced Yann Mvogo with Livakovic which was much cheaper and much better than him. Studge and Abraham were brought in on frees, Studge to help with the goalscoring and Abraham to help with the mentoring. I also bought Gustavo Gomez and Hernâni to up the grade of the first team.

The Tactic:B532625E-8397-4B01-9CCE-835229EA22BD.thumb.png.82bfd3e7ccd895fb1782e26cd4c30d16.pngI used a 4312 with wide strikers and a false nine. This system would help Jeong rack up more goals.

And the results:

D262D9D0-C23D-4FF0-81D7-377560F4A551.thumb.png.dbbdcae92e27948d669f3031cf9dbd70.png5880FFA6-F095-4252-BC00-E793E85DDFBF.thumb.png.33e0f53d6e25f7650fb379a209b4f250.png554745CE-65F2-4AB1-B1E8-BC996F911AAE.thumb.png.6ed7cc5315e5258c3abcf461d6086d04.png67600B33-3726-40E3-AF97-58CEE0F24843.thumb.png.240c4cb4ae2d572f4874da7dbf8c652b.png5D9ED119-7121-49A8-A085-02DB80432347.thumb.png.7d4fea58efa66388fc4d711f039071d4.png2973C555-49FD-4AC9-B6C4-584A40853F15.thumb.png.89c210c8e834351fbbff10dc75f8bcc3.pngVery Satisfactory First season with an eredivisie win and the dutch cup.

PSV were unlucky to draw Atletico in the round of 16 and barely lost the tie 2-1 aggregate.

1/2 Eredivisie  1/1 Dutch Cup 0/1 KNVB cup

And How Jeong did

68645D75-CB57-4CF0-9B86-3CF7638DC1EC.thumb.png.03e6f44e320c65ab615b38a49596a665.png2380B1E2-1FE1-4E88-B787-34DC665723EA.thumb.png.6b8422a32cc367c8e4bf3c2821d08150.pngF2BE4455-BD28-48DF-8884-F7363F2FF9EE.thumb.png.d7eb1bdb6594d5445a788d317a4159d7.pngVery decent start for him, although he had a few problems with injuries and a lack of physical stamina. Could have gotten better stats if i would have started him more instead of him coming from the substitute's bench.
 Man is now a bit better a t everything and I wonder how everything will go next season.

A few other star performers:5CD43C2C-3772-4BF9-8504-7B3AD348CC97.thumb.png.3ba2af7aa00365efd89227a151307588.pngHe's still got some skill in him, even with his steep decline2EC29521-B173-4D7C-92D0-36691A364CF1.thumb.png.98c47b58e9ae194c8334411f8e3e39fa.pngAnother who struggled with injuries, but the times when he played, they were magnificent with him still leading the club in assists.

132866A9-9774-45EE-96A1-4D195A81AE0D.thumb.png.076e3fcc0556f84b5af0d377e3f1736d.png26 concede in 34 matches. He is class.

232A378C-F6CE-4146-8FD1-919C4BA895AA.thumb.png.6e638e247a304921f1bed8bbf5d81d70.pngOne of the reasons Livakovic conceded so little, with him also getting a few goals including a match when he scored a headed brace.

49BD36A3-9BD4-48AB-A3C7-66242EC73DF5.thumb.png.a2305795b144fef52c2a1d3e10295559.pngStudge had a great partnership with Jeong with them getting an equivalent amount of goals and assists.

Thanks for reading.

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I love Mvogo, he fits everything I want in a keeper, maybe he got nerfed in the winter update? 

You're also using almost exact same formation I played in my save, different player roles. Hendrix was my holding CM behind the AM, and he was excellent. I also retrained Sangaré as a target man of we needed to pump the ball into the box late in the game. 

Great first season. The most interesting part of this challenge is which job offers you get when you move to England. 

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Second season

ResultsD515FBC3-B060-415A-AA0E-7A879287770B.thumb.png.5a183a2d3c75f8c9d700a6da192f9044.png0DDE1FA7-6DAD-4D5A-A90C-AE531A7A895C.thumb.png.669f66351f8da2199f9cc6b2c4cf1fb4.pngE722CAE8-F0EB-4EA3-93E2-7AC463863B0E.thumb.png.7ac96e802ec207f58e4a55d01d7768b5.png328968B6-8CC8-4933-AA7D-8587DB569E62.thumb.png.a2bb2fc37489bd38f55b4ae73f0aa1a9.pngB299C8DD-AA6A-4F81-AB60-2D920D2EB9A1.thumb.png.422fa9ff50715493e8d4a9160326664c.png363EF036-796E-4F90-B90A-DE45A302261F.thumb.png.b88dcf2232f6df2e84ada4d4e0420389.pngVery decent results with me getting first in eredivisie again and reaching the finals of the champions league with a liberal dose of luck. I did however miss out on the dutch cup but this season still met the criteria to move away from Holland.

How Jeong did:B9B37CB7-1390-4C91-A53D-FB2FC4F84AAD.thumb.png.e838cc3d2c76d8f4629145fca0cedb8c.png898CD546-3F9E-4E9F-A484-92A8580ABC56.thumb.png.6654d4ccffc61380dfd888ffb297669a.pngAbsolutely mad numbers he's putting in here with 34 goals and 15 assists in 43 games which made him top scorer in the Eredivisie. Had an absolutely cracking start to the season in which he was scoring braces and hattricks for fun, but then his form dropped off a bit. very satisfactory

And which club I'm going to next:

B8EB593A-F8CC-4D68-9946-4E060498E50A.thumb.png.cb4c7275f844c9ce20b6570b26a40a1a.pngthanks for reading


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Sorry I haven't replied in a while, life has been busy so I couldn't take much screenshots of anything, but I will do my best to describe to you what a rollercoaster of a season it has been.

The Transfers.

  Leicester had their squad stripped of assets during those two years, and it really showed with them finishing 17th the season before I joined. The bank was nearly empty, with an aging Guido Pizzaro and Jamie Vardy as the main men. I did what I could with a shoestring budget, with bringing in Wout Weghorst, swapping Harvey Barnes with Jeong and Buying two gks in Fariñez and Henderson since the only gk I had was a quite terrible Schmeichel.

  And How Leicester did.

    They finished 3rd, with reaching the finals of the fa cup and the qfs of the carabao cup. Didn't win anything, but it is much better than before and I should be able to get some trophies next season.

How Jeong did:

He scored 27 goals and 14 assists, quite good for someone making the huge jump in quality from the eredivisie to the prem. His form and development has dropped off a bit though, but I am confident that he can come through it.

My formation

Writing this on a phone rn so I cant get the ipad which I play on, but I started out with a 4231 then transitioned to a 3412 with a false nine. Now that I have better depth I should start playing with more intensity.

Thanks for reading.

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Season 4


After winning nothing last year, I felt like I needed to strengthen the squad a bit. I was given a budget of around 90 mill to spend, so here are the transfers I madeCD34CEF8-D78F-40E0-B369-1079B9321F38.thumb.png.1a618f2b18462760c8c412c7bdd3a79b.png:

3DA6702E-E3D7-43A1-9CA7-C87774F7E343.thumb.png.39c2afafc0ea8b4e534d4a10f8ecb684.png6D937958-9CAE-4645-8719-D8A8FE5AC4DE.thumb.png.113adca840c65dcccd75d5e2b0502e9b.png42612868-842F-4818-BF48-324E395E88DE.thumb.png.de125372e5dd55a81a3068da0742a42a.pngD17CC8B9-CA61-4F39-9C0D-0B6D32363E24.thumb.png.f0d9781b72f4e2f4df715ba730c7223d.pngI had checked that my dimestic reputation was a lowly 2 so I purchased some former English wonderkids which did wonders for my team and some real wonderkids as well. I sent out the wonderkids on loan to my affilate Oud-Heverlee Leuven which then decided that it was too big to be a feeder club. Eberyone was semi decent except for Javairo Dilrosun and Zakaria which were quite shit really. Some Bargains were the aforementioned former wonderkids, a very well balanced Luca Netz,and a Free El Shaarwy.

The Tactic

4FC2F8C7-EE72-4D21-A925-199B76D08604.thumb.png.6dddf518dbe91ed43464fa4236324aa7.pngI experimented quite a bit then settled with a 4231 which worked very well, resulting in a.....


Quadruple. Nice.

How Jeong did:


Worth a whopping 109 Million, second highest to a certain Dean Henderson

Thanks for reading



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