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Help Changing tactics using pre-match report

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First post here, even though I’ve been lurking for some time gathering information.

As time pass by I get more and more involved in my team to a point where a loss against a lower table team get to me the same way when my club lose in real life.

I have been playing on/off for many years but took the leap to the mobile version last year cos there’s just not enough sparetime outside of work.

I have a lot to learn but the thing I bang my head against right now is the importance of the team report I get before a game.

How valuable is that information exactly? How do you guys switch up the team and tactic? 

Having missed the title by 1 point in my first season I have built my team to win it this year and I can’t drop ”easy” points.

I will drop some pics on the team, I usually have the mentality on control and change during the game.

My real issue is how I go into a game, knowing the team for example play a very physical game.





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To be honest mate, I don't actually pay much attention to the opposition team report, usually if you have a good tactic and good players that will be enough to win you the title.

However, sometimes when I look at it, there are certain things I use against certain teams depending on the report

for example - poor decision making, I would use High pressing as they are unlikely to be able to respond under pressure

lacking in physicality - committed tackling may help, and maybe a striker with good strength

However, I would warn against relying on the team report, as you should check the players who are playing, as the team report is for the whole squad, so the whole squad may be lacking in pace, but the team you play against may not

If its a big game I might look at it and see if there are areas to exploit, otherwise I don't really use it 😁

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