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Career A season with Brighton

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Posted (edited)

Thought I'd post this up with a mixture of tactic, career and scouting.
I keep having a craving to break from my longer running saves to just doing a one season trial with a team.  Watching football on the TV I look at teams and thinking, well what would they be like in FMM.  Recent examples being as well as Brighton, Wolves and Fulham.  So here is my effort with Brighton.

I tried to keep things as simple and quick as possible.  Therefore I didn't change the staff other than the Physios.  I also took a small team Philosopy and not denying players the opportunity to go on and better themselves. 

In terms of player recruitment, I knew that Brighton struggle to score so I ignored most of the strikers already at the club trying to get rid where possible.  I also knew that if playing wing backs, especially a young one in Lamptey I knew I would need to rotate, Solley March was also an in game unknown quantity to me.  The last was the GK, Sanchez was also unknown to me and having sent Matt Ryan on loan to Arsenal (I couldn't recall him knowing this is his childhood fave club). I also though we were a bit soft in the tackling midfield tackling department with the exception of Bissouma.

I looked at the free agent market and identified Diego Costa who I didn't think would come and also Strinic for LWB.  Diego Costa in particular was immense as you will see.  Strinic was okay and ended up with good performances, but did moan when not playing.  I struggled to get a reasonable RWB and instead gave Yip a try as a retrained RWB as his stats and style were similar to Lamptey.
Alongside Costa, the other vital pick up was Henderson on loan from Man Utd.




To help with firepower I got Badji from Club Brugge - promising and did a job, but was always nervous and feeling under pressure.




The other purchase was Travis from Blackburn as a BWM to back up Bissouma.




In the mid-season transfer window I had two surprising offers for Bissouma (£40m) and Sanchez (£15m), this with some other sales made in first transfer window then allowed me to go out and fill the squad with some re-enforcements. In order of impact.

Goldson from Rangers - really boosted the defense, was always high on involved stats




Hagi from Rangers - promising and was using for set piece ability.  Not 100% effective but only had half a season




Baku form Wolfsburg - intended to retrain as RWB, but instead went with Karbownik. Baku then played mostly as sub or backup to Travis



There are some good prospects at Brighton.  Ostigard rejected offers to go elsewhere when his loan finished, one of those was £40m. 




Teddy Jenkins was always being pushed by the coach as always working hard and improving.  Then there was this guy who I retrained as RWB and I was very tempted to put him in my 1st choice team ahead of Lamptey by the time the season finished.



One of the other stars, although slow to get going was Mac Allister playing in the SS role rotating with Badji.




From a tactic perspective they were already set with a 3-2-2-2-1 and although I would have preferred to go 3-2-2-2-1 and keen to try it out having inputted to threads by Schwantz34 and teodorodelaflor82, this would have stopped me using one of my fave players Lallana and also someone I had been intrigued by Mac Allister.

This is my preferred team by the end of the Season. Got to love Hagi and Badji as a rhyming pair!




Here is my Tactic that I went with as my default.  It worked fairly well although was very reliant on the wing backs.  If I was to go into season 2, I would invest heavily in those positions.  At the start of the season the DLP was an RP, but I needed someone to just drop back a bit deeper and pick up the ball.




It changed to this if playing a more dominant team




Tweaks I would make in game include, raise tackling to normal if not giving away too may fouls (Brighton were naturally a dirty team surprisingly), or going counter with all final third options cancelled out if under real pressure.

The season itself was good, we were really hard to beat and although didn't have good cup runs, the league was very successful and at one point in contention to win. A last day win over Spurs skewed the final table a little, but Brighton qualify for the Champions League.
You will see from the stats the defense was really tight.
Dunk is a great captain and very good defender and the quick relationship he built up with Goldson worked well. Henderson was also really strong and made a big difference.
Costa got himself top goal scorer but was robbed for player of the year.




We also won the Reserve League whooo hooo




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Looks very interesting. Haven’t seen much normal career that doesn’t Involve any challenges for a while. Tactic looks very solid too.

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A very nice season and some nice signings.

I haven’t actually used young Hagi yet but have him earmarked to use later (Just loved watched his dad play) so nice to see him doing well. I’ve found Strinic to be very good as a freebie left back but that’s usually in the lower leagues or lesser top European leagues so no surprise to see him end up as a second choice here in the PL. Travis is another I’ve used previously and always seems to do a good job.

Well done. 

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7 hours ago, Ian said:

A very nice season and some nice signings.

I haven’t actually used young Hagi yet but have him earmarked to use later (Just loved watched his dad play) so nice to see him doing well. I’ve found Strinic to be very good as a freebie left back but that’s usually in the lower leagues or lesser top European leagues so no surprise to see him end up as a second choice here in the PL. Travis is another I’ve used previously and always seems to do a good job.

Well done. 

Yeah I was a Hagi fan too, loved watching him in World Cups and Euros.
I was disappointed in Lamptey, but maybe expected too much of someone at 19.

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Posted (edited)

I believe Lamptey was a bit better before the January update. 

This was a nice exploration of a team you don't see used very often. Ostigard is playing for Galatasaray at age 34 in one of my saves, still a decent player! 

Edited by hhooo
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On 14/03/2021 at 11:30, Rich said:

Very good first season there mate. Hagi is one of my favourites on this years game and also Leo Ostigard is awesome 😁

Fantastic mate, how does Ostigard develop as I have often looked at him but never signed him?!

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