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Chat Starting A Long Journey...

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Starting a long burley save I’m wanting 2 players to base my team around, as you can see I need 2 players I really need help on a prolific Cheap young striker I only have £33M to spend, I preferably want to keep the 2 players British but I’m open minded .. 

I have my record appearance targets in mind either David Turnbull or Lewis Ferguson but again I am open to other players if you guys suggest any 

Any other players and tips welcome as I’m not the best at this game but it’s a game I love playing! once the save is up and running I’ll put up an introduction and let you all know how the progress goes 

thanks 👍🏻


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Posted (edited)

There are plenty of options for British strikers, you could go with a famous one like Greenwood (if you can raise the money), a moderately famous one like Delap or Brewster, or a relatively unknown player like Layton Stewart or Jude Soonsup-Bell. It really depends which way you want to go about it. 😬😬

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Lewis Ferguson is a good choice imo and he comes for cheap. I got a few other cheap guys like Yan Dhanda, Joe Rankin-Costello, Cole Palmer and Max Bird.

For goalscorer, you can use Greenwood or Musiala who are already top class. Someone else could be Charlie McNeil, Liam Delap, Mika Biereth and Tyreece John-Jules. I could give a lot more but these are the few.

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Brewster is generally a good choice, can't remember his price though. Layton Stewart was great before the Winter update, still decent now, but not as good. Never used Delap, but he seems pretty good. Musiala is top class if you can get him in budget. One of my favourites is Fraser Hornby, though you might need France loaded to get him (or maybe Scotland).

David Turnbull generally works out for me, but Ferguson is hit or miss.. 

If you are going to keep these players (and you are), then you may as well offer the 50% sell on clause and you can bet the players for 66% of what the club would ask for. So if the absolute minimum a club wants is £30M, then with the 50% sell on clause you should be able to get them for £20M. Which will make yout money go a little further.

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