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Posted (edited)

To have a proper intro... this may be the most idiotic challenge around here!! 🤣

Recently @Kun Aguero and @Titjes started a Community Game and I love it. You are basically the chairman of the club and you make transfers by doing swaps with other players or open packs like FIFA Ultimate Team. Link here.

And this got me thinking, how far you can go if you try to be the chairman in FMM? To play without playing.... You know? Make the transfers, hire and improve the staff, improve facilities etc. but don't touch the tactics and just holiday the game and your assistant will be the manager in the matchday. 



Florentino Perez is in charge of Real Madrid, on his second term, since July 2009 and he is regarded as one of the best and successful club presidents in the world. 

In the last 12 years Real Madrid won:

  • 5 La Liga
  • 2 Copa del Rey
  • 3 Spain Supercup
  • 4 Champions League
  • 3 UEFA Supercup
  • 2 FIFA Club World Cup


Could you get better? 


You must take charge of Real Madrid  and play for 12 seasons. You are not allowed to open the tactics page and not allowed to attend any matches. At the end of the save you must record your screen while opening the tactics page to show that you didn't get to tactics at all.

Also a screenshot of your Manager Profile (you must have 0 manager points) and your Trophy Cabinet. 

Standard Challenge Rules apply like no cheating, no reloading and no unlockables... except Sugar Daddy. In real life, to be the Real Madrid president you must be the Sugar Daddy, in 2009 Florentino Perez was the only president candidate because he was the only one who met the criteria of getting/paying 63M to the club. 


You will get one point for every trophy you got.






You can make a career thread or post the required screenshots and screen recording here. 

Good luck! 

Edited by George Traistă
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Posted (edited)


Yes, you can make the transfers, get affiliate clubs and send players on loan etc. Just don't touch the tactics page and don't play any official match. 

Edited by George Traistă
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4 minutes ago, broodje kip said:

Since I can’t see it anywhere here, I’m going to use Sugar Daddy 😂

Rules updated, and you still can use Sugar Daddy 🤣

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Just now, George Traistă said:

Rules updated, and you still can use Sugar Daddy 🤣

Oh I didn’t expect that! Well made George. 😮

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5 minutes ago, hhooo said:

What about training? 

You are allowed to take charge of training if you want. There is no way I can check if somebody had or hand't setup the training himself so no point in not allowing that. 

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