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Career Albionic sells a lot of players - Redknapping

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Welcome to my second badge of honour attempt, and for this I thought I would attempt badge 03, Redknapping:

Now this is a challenge that is up my street, as it didn't require individual success and goalscoring, rather team success, which is what I am better at, as you will shortly see 😁

First up, the required transfers, and yes I did remember to start on the right DB, thankfully

Transfers out



A total of 17 first team players out, 2 over the goal. Blackburn and Barnsley seemed to want my whole team, and I was happy to oblige!

Transfers In



A total of 23 in, going well beyond the target, making 'Arry proud. Some really good players signed there, Simunovic Korb, Strinic and Ivan were amazing free signings, and the loans weren't bad either

Top scorer


This guy was immense, signed him from the Bundesliga, had an amazing personality and just scored a lot. Highly recommend for lower league saves if you can get him!

Some other good performances



Raggett, one of the few players I kept, was excellent, and Hakeeb Adelakun was a huge surprise, signed him as a backup, ended up being top assister and 2nd highest goalscorer

Manager Profile and History




The history is in a spoiler as it will give the score away, but we made a large profit on the season, and ended up winning the papa johns and somehow reached the FA cup semi final, after a Manchester city style run (very easy). Only 1 game lost all season (not including penalties) and that was to Man City, so a pretty good season.

League Table


Let's just say it was a very successful season. A huge points total and Goal difference, the tactic was nothing special but will be posted, mainly for ultimate team coins 😁 because it definitely worked. Also, very satisfying that goals scored and and points were both 130

So, the final score

League Points: 130

Goal Difference: 101

Total score: 231

So I believe that puts me top! Was not expecting it, especially after the first few games, but the boys came through big time, even with a few injuries.

So @FuddledFox  please could you add me to the leaderboard, and @Rob, please could I have a lovely badge ( and also one for badge 1 please)

Thanks for reading!



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A smashing season and that German striker certainly does look good. I’ll have to look out for him.

Congratulations on collecting the badge in some style.

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19 hours ago, Rich said:

Well done mate, that is one fantastic season right there, some great signings 😁

Thanks mate, was very happy with the business, there are some cracking Lower league free signings

19 hours ago, FuddledFox said:

Brilliant attempt well done.


18 hours ago, Woody said:

Well done mate. Thats a fantastic season.


18 hours ago, broodje kip said:

Well done mate

thanks guys, definitely better than my badge 1 attempt 

3 hours ago, Ian said:

A smashing season and that German striker certainly does look good. I’ll have to look out for him.

Congratulations on collecting the badge in some style.

thanks mate, was surprised he dropped from the bundesliga to league 1, but I am happy he did!

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