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Tactics Get Stuck In - Unconventional 4-3-2-1

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So been using this tactic on my save since around Jan 2021 and came about it by using small parts of tactics that I have been using on other saves since the start of FMM21. Stumbled across this when trying to play different formations that I hadn’t seen anyone use yet. 

Started using this formation in 3.Liga using Kaiserslautern and managed to get back to back unbeaten seasons and an 8th place finish in the Bundesliga essentially without spending any money, using free agents in season 1 and a couple of loans in season 2/3.



Moved to Valencia after finishing 8th in the Bundesliga in season 3 who were struggling to get into Europe at the time I took over.

First of all I swapped the striker from PF to TM which improved the system slightly due the the players I had available. 

First full season in charge winning the Spanish Cup and finishing 2nd. 
2nd season winning the league and the champions league. Season 3 winning the league, champions league, Spanish super cup, retaining the champions league and winning the club World Cup.

After that season I resigned and decided to manage the England national team at the end of its golden generation and only managed to win a nations league (I blame the poor selection of regens I had to pick from)

Currently Managing my home club Derby after walking the championship in the first season.

Feel free to have a go with the tactic.












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