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Career 100 Goals, season 1 from midfield (hopefully)

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I have put all other career ideas on hold to attempt the challenge of scoring 100 goals in a season.


Inspired  by @George Traistă, I am attempting  to do this in the first season.

Scoring 100 goals in a single season is always great and I've been lucky enough  to do it a fair few times. I have however  never achieved that goal in season 1.

Doing it when the AI teams are at their strongest (poor squad management  anyone) is as pure as you can get.

Oh, as if things weren't  challenging  enough I actually  have my eye on the 2 goals per game ratio.

Did I mention I'm going to have my main man playing in a midfield  position (ok attacking midfield but who's counting)!!



The Team 

It goes without saying I need a powerhouse  full of great players. I chose Bayern Munich  as I know them very well. I was thinking about Portugal but Germany is a bit more challenging. I'm only concerned with the potential  number of games being on the low side. Injuries and rest games may prevent my man playing  enough. 


The man




My love for Liverpool 😝 led me to choose  Sadio Beast Mane.

I wanted to approach  this from another angle, there are plenty of great careers on Vibe with big Target Men. I'm opting for quick and nimble fella to do the business.


(Spoiler alert. Mane was never my ideal choice, I will reveal that at the end)




These days I don't attempt single 1k challenges. Instead my 1ks are wrapped up inside a Triple Threat  career so my highest scorer normally only gets 70-80 goals. Below is my stock tactic used for the past two versions of FMM




Here is my adapted version. Full disclosure,  @Ian inspired  me to turn the AMC into the chief goal getter with his Bruno career (s).

Mane will switch between a T and SS depending  on how the opposition  line up. Wingers dropped  back into midfield and wingback playing more conventionally as a result. Team instructions  remain the same.




Anyone  who has followed me over the years knows I dislike the transfer system and hate spending money. A 1k completed plus goal a minute without a single transfer in was my all time favourite  save. Breaking the game as it couldn't handle  my bank balance was fun.

However this time was very different. I feel dirty.




To accomplish  my plan I first had to sell an p/x like my life depended  on it.


Then the buying. Believe it all not I spent all evening  trying to sign Mane. First I found Liverpool's sweet spot but Mane wanted so much I thought it was impossible.  Adjusting budgets saw me get him through the door after hours of work. Oyarzabal was going to be important  as a creative  forward. Fabinho would cover wingback and all midfield  roles. JWP was bought as I needed extra cover in midfield and the odd 25yd free kick  goal could make the difference in tight games. Hernandez I've never used but he will support Alaba as Davies is too inexperienced  for a one season challenge. 





Time for the fun bit.




I'm a little underwhelmed by the start. I was hoping for a touch  more. Already behind  the 2gpg ultimate  target.

As you can see below, 3 opportunities  lost. 2 goalless games sandwich a rest day. Thankfully  the next 4 games got us back on track.




Thanks for looking in.

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The T on the AMC spot is nice, if you have the right player he will score more than the strikers. Now, 100 is a really hard one, good luck, I hope you can achieve it!

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3 minutes ago, George Traistă said:

The T on the AMC spot is nice, if you have the right player he will score more than the strikers. Now, 100 is a really hard one, good luck, I hope you can achieve it!


Thanks G, I am only attempting to follow in your foot steps though. 

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Posted (edited)
10 minutes ago, Chelseaplchamps2021 said:

I think that's the first time I've seen a player over 200mil value.

Probably got something to do with the ridiculous wage he's also on 😁.

I'm losing Alaba, Lewa, and Sule at the end of the season as I can't afford the contracts they want. Alaba is a free and the other two are furious with me lol. 


Thankfully for a one season challenge, I couldn't give a rat's....

Edited by billy2shots
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With an increase in scoring  Sadio made it back to the 2gpg ratio.


Check out the international  goals. His ITN manager is doing the same challenge  lol.





Plenty of rests, but when the goals come they come in multiples.


The next game put us bang ahead of schedule.  My first cup game was against lower  league opponents  and Mane scored 1 poxy goal. He had some making up to do.




6 minute hatrick!

I'm a little way ahead and will update tomorrow. 

Thanks for looking in.

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2 minutes ago, GabboFTM said:

@billy2shots have you ever shared the instructions for your stock tactic? I would love to try it out!

Good luck with your challenge!

I've shared very sparingly to people that have helped me with things over the years I haven't made a tactic completely public since my 'Mega tactic' in FM15. SI completely ruined it very quickly after. 

I think SI don't look through all the Career threads so am happy to give people a start here. Half a day fiddling and you should find the right combo of settings or you may stumble across an even better combination. 


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3 hours ago, billy2shots said:

My love for Liverpool 😝

You certainly do love Liverpool.

Joking aside, it’ll be nice to see you get this done with Mane. The system looks nice and I do like the AM position for goals. The striker role has aerial as a great bonus but if you were to take that away I wouldn’t mind betting that the AM position may well be better.

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Looks like a nice start but with less games being played in Germany, you’d need to get the ratio up. Good luck!

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Mane very much settled at the club now, he started to be as consistent as anything. Bang on course for the 100 goal season and well above the ultimate target of 2gpg.


Who knew training him to be natural in the AMC spot was a good idea😝








If anything, Sadio increased his rate.






Unfortunately  the AI is striking back hard. The artificial  restrictions  ( i am adamant there are some built in) are seeing offsides and penalty misses galore, not to mention needing 10 shots to score sometime.


With a rest day thats 4 goals in his last 4 opportunities.  This could get interesting.




Looking at the above pics would suggest we have a good chance of getting the 100 goal target. Unfortunately  as you will see below there are only 11 scheduled games left.  I better hope I go deep in the CL or this is over. 

I am thinking  about going all in and scrapping  my plan of resting in harder away games.





This brings you up to date with where  the save currently  is. I'm short staffed so pulling an 8am-8pm today. I will try and play during the odd 'meeting or 2.


Thanks for stopping  by.

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Posted (edited)

it's  all going Pete Tong.


Working flat out today but squeezed  30 minutes in whilst eating some lunch. Big mistake.

I said after the last update that the AI was fighting  back reducing  Mane's output.



His lead partner in crime. Big G is irreplaceable in my tactic. 




But even before that came this, 1 game after turning the bloody save on. Sure 10 days isn't save breaking but it was at least 2, possibly 3 or 4 games out until fully fit.




Those games could be crucial  in getting us deep in the Champions League to max out the number of games.




We got hammered by Min Son in the first leg. He's obviously  Mane's replacement and scored 3 in the first game and 2 in the second leg. Thankfully a returning Mane got us through. 




Unfortunately  the AI screwed me in both legs of the semi, so no final. Sometimes  I go to bed dreaming that I could be as clinical as the AI. SI will always deny any favouritism but I've never bought into that. So disgusting  in both legs.




I thought the save was over but a bagfull in the next match keeps things mathematically possible although highly doubtful. 2 goals per game is in the bag but it means nothing without the 100 goal season.








I can't face playing tonight  and need to tuck my kids in after a long work day.


Thanks for reading and say a prayer  for Sadio.

Edited by billy2shots
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OK, I lied. I couldn't resist playing on.



With 3 games left this is how my hero looked.





8 goals needed from 3 games. Slim chance but boom




I actually  subbed him off at 60 minutes as there was a game 3 days later.

Unfortunately  that didn't stop the dreaded red slightly tired message. And we all know what that means.





He just couldn't  perform at his best missing so many chances.



That's  it. It all boiled down to one last game. 4 goals needed. 





How do you like them apples. All this for 1 poxy disallowed goal short. Unbelievable Jeff.

When Toliso's goal went in I thought it was Mane. What an ending that would  be.





What could have been different 

- Different league  with more games perhaps. 

- Big L G not missing the last 11 matches of the season.

- Real not screwing  me in the CL Semi meaning I only needed 1 goal in the final game.


Who knows but thats the fun of the game.


Thanks for following this utter failure. 

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Ohhh man oh man, that is so annoying! That’s such an awesome season though mate, if that one disallowed goal went in, things would be so different. Very unlucky.

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An outstanding effort mate! Well done for getting 99 goals in only 43 games - especially from an attacking midfield position 👏

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7 hours ago, DutchTony said:

Also which performed better? T or SS?


T without a shadow of a doubt. Certainly with Mane anyway.




Thanks for following and commenting peeps. As always it makes things far more enjoyable.


I am obviously gutted but still happy overall with the performance. In testing I was 100% sure I would complete this but I just rested him too much I guess. Not s luxury in a League with less games.

I won't attempt it again (pretty sure on that) as I only like trying things once but if I could have my time again I would sub him off during games and play more games.

For the g2g ratio my plan was full 90 minutes and complete rest days. In the end, there just wasn't enough games doing it this way.


Hopefully I will get time to reveal my original player later today.


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