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Challenges The “Dirty Three Points” Challenge

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The “Dirty Three Points” Challenge

On the 25th of March 2021 after Liverpool’s 1-0 win over Wolves in the Premier League Jurgen Klopp described its as a “dirty three points” as the Reds halted a winless run with the hard fought victory. This was a phrase that I though was worth making a challenge out of.


This challenge takes huge inspiration from @Rob “Being FMMed” Challenge that has been very popular and can be found here.

This a very simply challenge that can be done during a normal save or in conjunction with any other challenges. The idea is to win whilst having less shots on goal than your opponent.

  • League games only.
  • You must win the match.
  • You must have kept a clean sheet.
  • The opposition must have had more shots on goal than you.
  • Usual rules about no editing, cheating or reloading apply.


  • Your points are the difference in the number of shots they had compared to you. E.G. If they had 20 shots on goal and you had 10 then your score is 10.
  • BONUS POINTS: If they had more Clear Cut Chances (CCC) than you then you get 5 points for each CCC they had more than you. E.G. If you had one CCC and they had 2 you get 5 bonus points on top of your score.


Only your best score will be put on the leaderboard so if you better a previous total you can move up the board.

Have fun.

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1 hour ago, broodje kip said:

Nice piece of challenge. I was about to put this one until...

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That would have been a good score with all those CCC but I think to really be a “dirty win” you need to have stopped the opposition scoring.

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6 minutes ago, FuddledFox said:

If you are manager of Inter then it is.

Yes I’m. It’s from a screenshot I took while playing Augusta.

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9 hours ago, Ian said:

A very nice challenge and I have an entry for the board.

Chris Maguire with the all important goal.



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