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Hello! 👋


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Hi everyone! I have recently joined and just thought I would say a quick hello and introduce myself.

I recently joined and completed the "Deadly Duo" Badge, I am currently in the middle of doing a 1,000 Goal Challenge and will be posting when I complete the first season.

I have been lurking as a guest for some time, I have played FMH/FMM since around 2011/12. I have a fair bit of experience but still open to hearing new ideas and always trying to learn.

Hope to hear from a few of you guys and I am sure we will have some interaction within the near future.

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8 hours ago, broodje kip said:

Welcome mate. I’ve seen you quite fair amount of time so no need much introduction 


7 hours ago, Ashez said:

Welcome :)


1 hour ago, Titjes said:

Hi there and welcome 😄

Thanks guys! Hope to get to know you all better within coming weeks!

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Welcome mate. Look forward to see what you have instore.

Always here to offer advice(even pointless advice) 😉

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3 minutes ago, Rob said:

Welcome. Got to ask: what does DLC stand for?

Thanks mate and I'm going to massively let you down here as its nothing interesting... my initials! 🤣🙈

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3 minutes ago, Rich said:

Until they find out what your name is......Dominant Little Crabs.

Fuck. I never thought you would get that, especially first time 🤣🤣 Its actually Dominic Lewin-Calvert funnily enough 🤣

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