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Career 4 Countries How Many Titles ..?

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Here we go, 

ive tried and tried to complete the 1K Challange and I end up getting sacked or my player declines rapidly so... 

I decided to see If I could win all the top divisions in England,Scotland,Northern Ireland and Wales and then ultimately finishing off in England with becoming European champions.

Here’s how it’s going so far 

My Journey so far, Started at TNS it was quite comfortable the 2 defeats was the first 2 games of the season as I was testing various tactics 

H & W Welders what can I say I took over mid season as they sat 4th, I signed 5 or 6 Frees and they turned the season around as we picked up win after win after win to gain promotion to Northern Ireland’s top tier as well as beating Glentoran in the final on penalties as we scored 2 in the last 10 mins to make it 3-3 

Fast Forward to the next season I released around 10-12 players and signed Free young player and they just absolutely blitz the division 2 losses and 3 or 4 draws came after the title was clinched we was knocked out of the cup competitions early on as I used them games to rotate and keep players happy, I was genuinely surprised at how well we played and how easy it was in all honesty I was hoping to have a decent season and then move onto one of the better sides in the division, my success here was mostly down to one player I’ll get back to that later ...

So we pack our bags again and it’s off to bonnie Scotland and I joined the dons, the 3 best team in Scotland IRL.. however the season before they finished 10 and with an ageing squad and next to no budget it was left to free transfers and loans to start the rebuild I placed all the players on the transfer list and no joke I couldn’t manage to see anyone with majority of the players in the last 12 months of their contracts I decided to ride it out and send the less talented players to rot in the reserves the first season was tough even though I finished 3rd and won the Scottish cup we leaked goals, the amount of times I went 2-0 and 3-0 up and still managed to draw/lose was a joke! I had the “supports protest” message at least twice but we did manage to turn things around towards the end of the season and to round off a tough season we won the Scottish cup but I can’t quite remember who we played ..

In my second season with Aberdeen was much better, got rid of all the dead wood and signed released players from EPL and championship and we was a lot more competitive vs Celtic and R*nger’s managing to pick a few draws up having previously being hit 5 and 6-0 on a regular basis .. and once again we won the Scottish cup 

Season 3 we didn’t do too much as for signing players only a few left due to contact expires , we signed 4 on loan and they proved crucial to us pushing Celtic all the way, R*ngers fell apart early on in the season and appointed Wayne Rooney at Xmas time and started to pick up again.. but we just wasn’t good enough to beat Celtic as we had a double header with them and lost them both I say lost they absolutely hammered us twice and then our form dipped for the last 4 games but we managed to do a double winning the Scottish cup and the league cup so it wasn’t all bad..

finally I won’t bore you lot for much longer .. 

season 4 at Aberdeen we was different gravy! Celtic and R*ngers pushed us all the way and right up until the split there was 5 points between all 3 of us, we led the way from game week 3 of the season and managed to open a 10 point gap but a playing both old firm sides in the same week ( sat/wed) we lost them both and that blew the title wide open, I was so desperate to win the league I sacrificed the cup and European competitions and thankfully it paid off we won the league with a game to spare and I was absolutely delighted..

now having completed Scotland it’s time to take on England .. time to become England and European champions I can’t wait to get it started 




My Stats are quite poor, financial control is that low as I decided I was to just go for it in my final season at Aberdeen and I’m glad I did as I won the league by 3 points 




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The player I was talking about at H & W Welders .. he was incredible not to mention he had 2 month out injured 🤕 for me he’s a legend and definitely a one season wonder as he was my first signing for Aberdeen and he scored 2 in 24 😂😂





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1 hour ago, Rich said:

Good going so far mate, I love these kind of challenges 😁

Thanks mate, really enjoying this one just joined Brentford they’ve just been relegated to championship, but I think I’ve found a tactic for 1K so after I’ve completed this I’ll give it another go 

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Top divisions is Championship and Premiere League or just Premiere League? I'm asking because I want to know why Brentford? I think it was easier to get a team straight in the PL, I'm sure the job would come in just 2 or 3 months

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1 hour ago, George Traistă said:


Top divisions is Championship and Premiere League or just Premiere League? I'm asking because I want to know why Brentford? I think it was easier to get a team straight in the PL, I'm sure the job would come in just 2 or 3 months

Just premier league and champions league is the goal and I chose Brentford because that was the only job available and I wanted it to be a challenge and not just easy 

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