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Career The Impossible: George, are you insane?... Take 2

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Few days ago I've started The Impossible Youth Academy Challenge and after just one and half season I had to quit, that challenge is really impossible, I will need 55-60 seasons to do it!!!!

But I don't give up to easily, noooo! My stupid head is always there to push me to idiotic thing... That was impossible, I will then take on the possible...


This one is 100% possible, no questions asked. I won the Champions league in my 7th season starting in the National League South so this should be a piece of cake... so let's spice things out! Last season, FMM20, I loved this article from @FuddledFox, it was my style of playing and I loved. This season, FMM21, I didn't use it at all 😪 Except my COPA90 save where I started with National reputation and Attribute Masking on, I forgot about the article... I took on big challenges that required a lot so...

But now!!! I will start from the lowest league possible and get back to the way I used to like to play FMM! I will use the guides from Foxy's article, to sum it up:

  • Start with no coaching badge and reputation.
  • Attribute masking on.
  • Rely 100% on my scouts, never sign a player without the scout report.
  • Until I get to League Two I will only send scouts only in the UK and Ireland.
  • Until I get to League Two I will only sign players from UK and Ireland or that already play there.
  • Until I get to League Two I will only hire staff from UK and Ireland or that they already work there and from clubs at the same level or unemployed.
  • Never overspend on wages.
  • Training and Youth facilities max Average.
  • Bonus: I will sign (transfer, loan, free agents, youth intake) 10 players max per season.


Required trophies that I must win in 30 seasons time:

Premier League
League One
League Two
National League
National League South IN PROGRESS
League Cup
Community Shield
Papa John’s Trophy

Copa Del Rey
Supercopa Espana
LaLiga2 (optional)
Segunda Division Pro (optional)
Segunda Division B (optional)

Serie A
Serie B (optional)
Lega Pro (optional)
Lega Pro Girone (optional)

KNVB Beker
Johan Cruijff Schall
Erestedivisie (optional)

International (Club)
Champions League
Europa League
UEFA Super Cup
Club World Cup

International (Nation)
World Cup
European Championship
Nations League


This will be fun... and long!! And, this will be my back-burner save so I recon I will finish in November, maybe one day after FMM22 hit the market 🤣

Edited by George Traistă
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I will start my journey in Dulwich, London, on a club that I like because of their looks, something that appeal to me as a graphic designer. The logo is a clean, modern take of some classical elements in football logos history. It has a unique and distinct colour scheme and jerseys. Also, I like the name of their stadium, my first career here on Vibe I have replaced this team to create George FC because of their stadium name 😁

Ladies and Gent's... 


The team is not great at all and their finances are bad, I will have to sell some players in order to get the finances to 0. 


And I will have to sell in fact most of the team in to make room for some free agents. 


Play FMM realistically check:

  • Bad finances
  • Attribute Masking on
  • Training and Youth facilities Average or below
  • No (bronze) coaching badge
  • No reputation

Attribute Masking





Coaching badge





About the coaching badge, I will take my exam only after I get to League Two. 

Now I have to get my 10 transfers (max 10) sorted out, in fact I need to clean the team in order to hire a scout first. Second on priority list is to get rid of my current assistant and hire another plus one coach and one physio. And only after that I can send my scout to check on the players.

P. S. Thanks @StuartM and @geordiekrispy

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26 minutes ago, geordiekrispy said:

Nice challenge. It'll be interesting to see how hard this is. I've fancied doing it myself, but I always give up about a month in.

I will wait a month then, and after that I will play again 😂

I'm already in October so I've past the critical month 😁


16 minutes ago, Rich said:

Good luck Dulwich and Hamlet, you need it with your new manager! 

Such a nice guy, always so thoughtful 🤣


1 minute ago, broodje kip said:

I like your choice. They’ve been one of my favourite lower league team due to their colors. Good luck 👍

Yep, they stand out! 

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you have given yourself a huge amount of work here i would be bored within a few season myself because of regens. im sure it will be another vibe success story.

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2 hours ago, Stuttgartsteve said:

im sure it will be another vibe success story.

Thanks. Although this is do-able 100% from my perspective I'm not sure about the success as this save would see some playing time only when I don't have anything else to play... and right now I have 2 big ongoing saves. 


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6 hours ago, George Traistă said:

Thanks. Although this is do-able 100% from my perspective I'm not sure about the success as this save would see some playing time only when I don't have anything else to play... and right now I have 2 big ongoing saves. 


Everything is doable when you reload all the time. YOU CAN DO IT GEORGE!!!!

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