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Career Chelsea Wonderkids - SS (Completed)

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Posted (edited)

Okay folks ..  After completing the Striker Peak Years i am going straight forward to this absolutely beautiful and must do challenge created by Scratch as i think it will be fun and recharging. Also there is some great scores on the leaderboard so my aim is to have a great season with a lot of goals.

Who i will use ?


Yep .. So i am depending on the perfomances of these lads for the challenge. Never used Pulisic or Abraham so something new for me. Havertz was one of my favourites but i have never used him on FM21. Werner was part of my Striker Peak Years Challenge but i still think he should do better.




Verry happy with the transfer windows. Very very young squard and i am very excited for the season also i am planing to continue even after the challenge is completed if i don't go to Dortmund to manage their kids again 😃


No change here as i will trust SS - Smashing Success


As you can see from the transfers i will rotate the squard and develop the lads. Looking forward for one successful season 👍

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Posted (edited)
53 minutes ago, eekim28 said:

How did you get demiral on a free?

Kante went the other way it looks like, for some reason FMM picks up some of them as free transfers when there not.

Anyway loving the signings mate, a very young and exciting squad. Good luck 😁

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47 minutes ago, Rich said:

Kante went the other way it looks like, for some reason FMM picks up some of gem as free transfers when there not.

Anyway loving the signings mate, a very young and exciting squad. Good luck 😁

Ah right! Never noticed it before.

Best of luck with the career 

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9 hours ago, Rich said:

Kante went the other way it looks like, for some reason FMM picks up some of them as free transfers when there not.

Anyway loving the signings mate, a very young and exciting squad. Good luck 😁

Yep .. Swap deal with Kante 👍

Very exciting football from the lads. My team dominating every game. I don't know is it just the players kicked in or Chelsea as a choice but very beautiful dominaring football. For sure i will do another try here with more expirienced players to attack some records.

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So .. We win everything with kids ! That is very good achivement even if it wasn't the best scoring season. Maybe because the squard is too young because i was well domimant in most games.




And the reason for winning Champions League was goal with the last touch of the fame with Sevilla...





Havertz - 38pts

Pulisic - 27pts 

Werner - 35pts

Abraham - 42pts

League points - 106pts

Goal Difference - 70pts

Total for the challenge : 318pts

Given the average age of the squad (21years) i would say that is one very good score.


I will be starting another try straight after this but this time will put more expirience in rhe squad. Thank you !! 👍

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So i will be doing again that challenge, here are the transfers completed. This time went for a bit more experience and some better quality.

Players Out


Players IN


For the contributions poinst i will be using the same players - Abraham, Havertz, Werner and Pulisic.

Let's see. At least i expect to be better than the first try ... 👍

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Yep .. Let's do the maths. Excellent season as a bit expirience with Lukaku and Koulibaly was crucial this time for the results. Not conceding too much and scoring more. Abraham had few injuries but if anything it is clear that he doesn't suit my style and in his absence Haaland was just a goal scoring fun with Havertz, Werner and Pulisic shining and had much better contribution than the first try ...







Abraham - 29pts

Werner - 39pts

Pulisic - 40pts

Havertz - 64pts

League points - 112pts

Goal Difference - 112pts

Total for the challenge: 396pts

Happy with the score but is mostly down to overall team perfomance and Abraham getting injured 😃 Having Haaland this time was a big difference.


So this one challenge completed 👍 Time for new adventure. I will be honest and say that i have enjoyed the most playing with Dortmund. So maybe i will do second try there as well 👍 Thanks folks 👌👍

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Thank you guys. 👍Thanks to the style and tactic which is still working of course i have options. With better quality players i easy can rotate the squad and still manage to get excellent contributions for challenges and that make the tactic gold for goal scoring challenges. I don't know why i didn't do any challenges before with the SS Tactic (FM19, FM20). 👍

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Great job mate, added both scores to the leaderboard, the second at the very top! 🏆

That was a massive season. Makes me want to do this one again! 

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46 minutes ago, FrAn4eSc0 said:

Thanks @Scratch 👍 My favourite one is the Borusia Babies but this one is not bad also. 👌

Haha, Thanks. I really enjoyed last year's Liverpool Front Three challenge by @Rob and both this and Borussia babes challenge finds it's origin in that. Same idea, just keep adding more players into the mix! 😄

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