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Tactics 1-3-1-2-3 attacking formation

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Iv normally stuck to a 4231 formation and had a lot of success, got a little bored of using the same tactics every game so had a little play around with different tactics using this forum as a guide. Switched to a 1-3-1-2-3 formation half way through the season and found great success. 

This formation gets you a lot of goals and is surprisingly good defensively. I haven’t really tweaked roles, shape etc as I found success with this set up.221A3A17-20C8-4DDF-B57E-BBE1F43A3EC4.thumb.png.54a21326f5a1aa719258cafc5dc0e6f8.png545697D2-A438-4E9F-B676-7DF9EF77176E.thumb.png.f02bdca0f8bed4f71641d2a3a42de238.pngC089B00C-C181-49AE-9785-37A90398A1E5.thumb.png.0dc7bc45200b665703dbb639bfd34862.pngADD67C46-0EEE-4966-8977-86E7ADE9805F.thumb.jpeg.85c3a7e92c4bb5de17b2fb0e389ba3d9.jpegEF8CAEA7-5D5C-4A9E-A8CE-9ED25F92E15F.thumb.png.4e657bf8e710d4b0f87fa3aa7b797487.png

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1 hour ago, Schwantz34 said:

Looks like a fun setup!

It’s worked well for me. Not sure whether it would transition into weaker teams as I had already created an established team when I switched 

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