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Hi i was just wondering what good cheap players has anyone found or signed? Any age doesn't really matter, I've had a bargain hunter scout but a lot of who they suggest don't turn out to good, I look at the players stats myself and sometimes well most of times i go against coaches, scouts and pick who i like or players ive never signed before just to see if they are worth signing in other saves. Any help please

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What’s your budget? The best bargains I always get are Lorenzo Pellegrini with a release clause of £27M and Pau Torres for £19.5M release clause. Pellegrini always renew his contract very early though so you got to be quick.

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Posted (edited)

The cheapskate in me always says "Wait for 1 Jan and go bananas offering contracts for players whose contract expires in 6 months".

Definitely sniff around with transfer listed players too. You can really find crazy deals.IMG_20210329_002703.thumb.jpg.f04baccb745ddf7d0ac607abcbd62376.jpg

Admittedly this is FMM20, but I've played from FMH13 to FMM21 and it's been EXACTLY the same. Using this one cause I think the shock value of a real player + club rivalry illustrates my point better than a regen from a random club.

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What sort of budget have you got, and what level do you play it?

For example, Shankland at Dundee for around 2m is a great buy for a lower prem/top championship poacher. 

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Cheers for the replys the budget depends on teams I manage I've got sugar daddy and use it sometimes but it can take the enjoyment out of the game, I've found with all that money for any team doesn't always get you success lol, I've tried a save with Spanish league and they have got lots of great players cheap release clause but they are all very young so takes a few seasons before they reach there best potential. Thinking of starting a save as Blackpool but will defo give a try in the January window when players contact are up in 6months cheers lads

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