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Tactics Wide 2-3-2-2-1 Space Experiment (Barca)

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I am a long time FM player from PC and now mobile. In the past I’ve always created my own tactics and never shared them. The one tactic I always enjoyed that wasn’t mine was Asymetric Roombus 4-2-3-1. 
After having read @Schwantz34’s tactic inspired by Ruben, I wanted to see about making a variation of that. 
This is still in the experimental stage so any other testers are more than welcome, I’ll be providing updates as I go in the season. 

Positions and roles

GK-  Sweeper Keeper

DC- Both CD. The reasoning for this is to keep them from getting out of position. 
DR/L- Wingback. The goal is provide some overlap and whip crosses into the box.

DMC- BWM/Anchor Man. Due to the width of the tactic, I am using them as cover for the defense while the WBs bomb upfield.

MC- Both are RP. Thanks to @Schwantz34 for pointing out that you want your RCM to be right footed and LCM to be left footed.

AMR/L- Inside forwards to make room for the WBs and cause spatial issues for the defense.

ST- Poacher/Complete Forward.

NOTE: I prefer to use pacy players as well as those with higher teamwork stats. 
Also, I am experimenting with the RP role for Messi. The trequarista comes close to what he’s capable of but none of the others fit. Messi will have to learn MC but that’s the fun of an experiment. Also, I want him in the lineup but want to also use younger players on the wings. 

Corners are set for the good ole reliable near post. 

Without further ado, this is what I’ve come up with so far. I will update changes as they occur. Any feedback or questions are more than welcome. 




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