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Career Storm Jorge 1KC (Season 12 + The future??)

What next for Jorge?  

19 members have voted

  1. 1. Should I carry on this challenge?

    • Keeping going at Club and ITN untill Jorge retires
    • Leave ITN and focus on getting 1200+ club goals
    • Leave the challenge & try something new
    • Play for 1/2 seasons untill Manager's Son appears then re-assess.

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Posted (edited)

Hello my fellow vibers.

I have started a 1KC attempt, and will apologies in advance for the lack of substance in this post. 

I have already played Season 1, and half way through Season 2. 

The Club;


Yes, an obvious choice in Celtic. Big team, small league = goals goals goals!!!

The Player;

Clue in the thread title here, but none the less;


Kaio Jorge, a player i have not used yet this year, but he is on the wonderkid list. 

Easily signed in the first season, question will be, can i keep him?!

Season One;

Jorge had a decent first season, despite being away with the U21s for a few weeks; 


Averaged just under a goal a game. Im not too fussed about the goals at this point (despite the challenge), as many have pointed out on Vibe before, any goals before the age of 20 are pretty much bonus goals. 

He did grab a fair few awards; 






Here is how he looked at the end of the season, some nice improvements already in key areas; 


Hoping to improve aerial, shooting and the physicals even more next season.


So, like a fool, i didn't grab the transfer pages. My most notable incoming's were Dilrosun, Mckenna, Bellingham (loan), Carillo. 

Not a lot of money to play with for the first few seasons, so having to really think about the type of player I need to sign. 



So, i admit, not the best opening thread ever posted here, but I wanted to quickly play through a season to see if I could get a half decent tactic going, and it seems like I have a good foundation to work from. 

Season 2 will be completely shortly, and more in-depth postings will happen. 

Please let me know if there is anything in particular you guys want to see posted here & thanks in advance for reading/support, as always it means a lot. 

Season 1 = 38




Edited by JamesVilla
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1 hour ago, Rich said:

Brilliant first season there mate, I’m sure it will just get stronger from here. Good player choice as well 😁


1 hour ago, FuddledFox said:

This isn’t a player I know much about but that’s a strong start both in numbers and development. 

Good luck.


33 minutes ago, broodje kip said:

Great first season there, James. He should be ruling Scotland in no time!

Thanks for the feedback chaps, much appreciated. 

Season two being uploaded within the next five minutes!!

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Solid start matey. And some sound transfers too. In my opinion with clubs like Celtic it’s always about season 4 where your squad becomes European top notch, so all goals before that point are a bonus. KIU!

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Posted (edited)

Season Two;

So, we start the season with some brilliant news; 


Yes, we already have the international job, which will definitely help with the goals! The job had actually come up in Season One, but i never got it, was surprised to see it come up again so soon & to be offered it. Complete bonus. 

As you can see, Jorge had 0 call ups and 0 goals when I got the international role; 



We finished third in the CL group so entered the Europa League, which we managed to get to the QF before this; 


A decent home performance, but Liverpool had battered us in the first leg and proved just too tough to overcome. 



We won everything at a domestic level, as you would expect. Nice unbeaten season and a pretty nice GD too. 


Just the one bad injury this season, a few that were between 7 & 10 days so nothing to bad in this department; 


He is attracting some interest now, already had a new contract after this; 


Not sure how long I can keep him happy at Celtic, hoping a better season in Europe might be the answer. 

Now onto the goals, he improved on last season & I must say, getting the Brazil job did help, as I was able to remove him from the U21's, meaning no random call ups & missing Celtic games. 

There was 2 friendly games he was in the squad for, but for some reason they over-lapped with 2 Celtic games & the game made me manage the Celtic ones, so no goals to be added from them.



So a massive 57 goals at club, and the one extra at international puts him at 58 for the season. Kinda gutted not to reach the 100 goal mark overall, but I wouldnt expect him to be below that for long. 

In terms of his attributes, decisions had gone down one with a earlier injury, but other than that he is looking good. Stamina could do with increasing so will work on that this season. 


I won't be putting the full tactic up (i may do when this is over) but happy to show the formation & roles; 


A basic 4-4-1-1, just one AP sat behind Jorge to thread the ball through. Majority of the goals come down the flanks though. That is probably my strongest squad at the end of S2 when everyone was fit. Todibo has since returned to Barcelona after his season loan. 

Key Players;

Thought I would add in some of my other good performers, hopefully this might be of help to people who are looking for good, cheaper player. All of these have been mentored & had focused training. 



Signed for just under £5m, Rico has been rather good at LB, 19 assist isnt bad in any league from a defender. Highly recommend if you need a cheap, reliable left back. 

One for @broodje kip here, I was unsure if to keep Johnston, but after some crossing training and mentoring, he has cemented the RM as his own. 



22 assists over two years, not the best return, but I was swapping and changing the wingers to keep players fresh and try and find my best pairing. Good average rating though. 

Once again, thanks for your comments & support. I promise to try and keep this fresh & not boring 😂


Season 1 = 38

Season 2 = 58 (57+1)


Edited by JamesVilla
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This is already the best career of 2020/21! 😂

Nice return though and well done on getting the international job.

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Well done, and great news on the ITN.

You may already know this, but with  transfer offers always accept them and then when you get to the transfer confirmation pop-up click ‘no’. It’s only when you don’t accept them that players get upset, not when you cancel it at the end.

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1 minute ago, Rob said:

Well done, and great news on the ITN.

You may already know this, but with  transfer offers always accept them and then when you get to the transfer confirmation pop-up click ‘no’. It’s only when you don’t accept them that players get upset, not when you cancel it at the end.

I never knew that, nice little loop hole there. 

Cheers Rob, will do that next time for Jorge & Ajer who is also attracting numerous bids. 

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A couple of great seasons mate. Onwards and upwards from here on in and i'm sure we will see some really high number.

Well done so far 👍

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Great second season there mate! You’ll be surprised how similar out tactics are for 1k’s. Couple of different things but not much at all, so you’re defo on to a cracker 😉

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4 minutes ago, Rich said:

Great second season there mate! You’ll be surprised how similar out tactics are for 1k’s. Couple of different things but not much at all, so you’re defo on to a cracker 😉

Thanks Rich. Ive tried a few different set ups before and none of stuck like this one. Took me a few months in S1 to work out what instructions etc work best, but now ive got 80%+ of shots in a game going to Jorge, which I can't ask for any more than that to be fair. 

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43 minutes ago, JamesVilla said:

So you might say Season Three has had some decent moments already....


Show off 🤪

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1 hour ago, JamesVilla said:

So you might say Season Three has had some decent moments already....


The best I had was 7 too 😰

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Posted (edited)

Season Three

Wow, what a season this has been. Few downs but plenty of ups. 

First off, lets start with some transfers; 






Not a lot to talk about, Cantwell wasn't going to be first choice this season, so £25m was too good to reject. 

I got some good players on free, Gomez, Kenny to name two. 


The league & one domestic cup won with easy. 

We crashed out of one cup in the SF, due to playing a weak team for an certain reason. The reason being, we had gotten to the QF on the Champions League, were we played Arsenal. Managed to get past Arsenal, to face Juve in the semi. 


As you can see, a 2-0 win away from home in the first leg, and a narrow defeat in the second meant we got through, and somehow found ourselves in the final!

Here is how the final went; 


YES! In season three we won the Champions League. This will help in so many ways, building our rep, more money, better players. 


Confirmation of the other competitons. 



As you can see, 9 international goals this year. Bit sad cause Brazil had failed to qualify for the 2022 World Cup, meaning I missed out on a fair few potential goals. 

Jorge himself is looking quality now, high greens in the key areas, (Aerial, Shooting & Movement) still want to increase his physicals, but happy with his progress so far. 

Here is how he got on for the season; 


A massive 79 goals for the club this year. Massive improvements each year so far, so can't complain. 

His back up though for 26, so hopefully, as he can stay on the pitch for longer, with less rest times, a 100 goal season shouldnt be too out of reach. 



Put in a spoiler, as there were quite a few; 








So a clean sweep, many for the 3rd year in a row.

Side note, for the first time, I have got a player to 20 crossing and 20 dribbling, hoping this will help significantly over the next few seasons; 



Season 1 = 38

Season 2 = 58 (57+1)

Season 3 = 88 (79+9)


I like a total ending with 8 don't i?! 😂

Once again, thanks for comments of support. Means a great deal!

Edited by JamesVilla
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Awesome mate, great season that. And with Dirlosun having 20 crossing now it should increase the input big time. He’s a legend.

Also Ryan Edmonson back at Celtic after he got me my first 1k there last year 😍

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8 minutes ago, Chelseaplchamps2022 said:

Fantastic season mate! KIU!

Thanks mate.

6 minutes ago, Rich said:

Awesome mate, great season that. And with Dirlosun having 20 crossing now it should increase the input big time. He’s a legend.

Also Ryan Edmonson back at Celtic after he got me my first 1k there last year 😍

Haha I did think when I signed him that I’m sure someone used him for a 1kc. For me, thought he will just be back up, Carrillo is getting on a bit now, and won’t be able to play as much as he has done the past few years, so thought he would make a nice tidy back up within a season or so. 

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Brilliant season, especially with the European win. Still on track for my ‘awesome squad by season 5’ prediction , at which point it’ll be an enjoyable rinse and repeat.

Great Stuff!

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Another brilliant season there. Too bad Cantwell didn’t perform as well as he did for me but Dilrosun looks 🔥 though.

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Posted (edited)

Season 4





Tanganga came at the end of the season so hasn't played a game yet. Unfortunatly for @broodje kip Johnston has left Celtic, £20m was a good price for him, and I had 2 other RM who had slightly better attributes. 
Two good players on frees, who pretty much go straight into the first team. Tuanzebe for £1.5m is a fantastic back up defender. 








So everything won at domestic level, as is the norm 4 seasons in. The main one was if we could keep the Champions League. 
We breezed through the group, eventually to the SF; 


A nice hattrick a place in the final; 


Fantastic! A 2nd Champions League win, I was surprised to see Porto get this far, but it was a good result for me. 


Stayed injury free for most of the season, just out for ten days in the later half of the season



Hit a bit of block improvement wise, still fairly young & high greens in the right area. After seeing @broodje kip comment in a training question thread, decided to try training him as Treq for abit, see if i can get creativity up rather than just the usual TM attributes. 



An excellent season goal wise though, a massive 88 goals at club level, and thanks to the Copa America another 14 for Brazil, meaning we hit the over the season. 
My aim next year, is to hit the 100 mark for club alone. 








Not as many this year actually, but they don't mean anything in game, just nice to have ha. 


Ive got some real nice youth players coming through, 2 I have brought, a couple start at the club; 


Dembele went on loan for the first few years and has come back a beast. Been on LM training all season, and finally turning green in that role. He will prove good competition for that spot. 



Brought for just 550k, Bachi again went on loan and returned looking how he is. Definitely going to be in and around the first team next season. Just need to improve his physicals and tackling. 


Cooper came through the youth academy at the start of the season with 15 crossing already. Shame he is left footed and not natural in LW/LM so, going to take a season to get him comfortable there. LM is definitely the place with most competition going forward. 



Walter cost me a fair bit, but I am hoping he proves worth it. Good attributes in the right places to take the AP role in the next season or two. Will try and increase his teamwork so he doesn't steal too many goals. 



I want this challenge in end with me having sold more than ive brought, so going to start focusing on younger players who I can buy/sign, train & sell for a profit. 

Also, I won the manager of the month award EVERY month this year; 



Once again, thanks for reading. I am really enjoying this save and averaging a season a day, but being bank holiday weekend, next update might not be till Tuesday. Your comments of support really do mean a lot to me.


Edited by JamesVilla
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Fantastic season mate and some great players to come into the first team fold in the coming season or two. Looking good!

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