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Career Brazilian samba [Triple Thread Challange]

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Posted (edited)


This is my first post, topic, career and challange on FMMVibe! :)

These are my three strikers aiming to score 1,500 goals. They are all Brazilian and the club I am going to run is Real Madrid. I will also lead the Brazil national team. 

1. Evanilson became my 9th. The Brazil national team has not had a world-class classic forward like Ronaldo for years. Hopefully Evanilson will score a lot of goals both for the club and for the national team. 


2. Vinicius Jr is by far the best player of the attacking three. I think that as a winger he will adapt well to the role of a striker. 


3. Rodrygo is the youngest of the three of the not-so-young trio. Also a fast winger who I am going to turn into a striker. 


Hope it will be a lot of fun and be able to complete the challenge.

Next post coming soon! 

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Season 1 (2020/21)

Thank you for your kind words and support!

The first season was a bit of a disappointment for me. The strikers didn't score too many goals. Team results as below: 


Fortunately, things are much better in the Brazilian national team. They often hit both qualifying and Copa America (the CA final is after the season ends). 

Evanilson - 32 goals 

He can become the great striker that Brazil has been waiting for for years. Unfortunately, 3 months of injury in the first part of the season slowed him down significantly. 



Vinicius Junior - 16 goals

I am very disappointed with him. I was counting on him to be the biggest star. 



Rodrygo - 20 goals

The uneven player shows his form at the Copa America where he scored 8 goals and has a chance to be the top scorer of the event (same as Messi, the final ahead of us against Argentina). 



And finally, a short summary:

  Evanilson Vinicius Jr Rodrygo Summary
Real Madrid Brazil Real Madrid Brazil Real Madrid Brazil
Season 1 23 9 9 7 10 10 68

I hope next season will be better!

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That’s a good solid first season mate as you build a tactic and the players get better you’ll get more goals between them. Good luck next season 😁

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