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Career Pipi tries dual 1kc gls ✅ & 1kc assists ✅ - The End

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6 minutes ago, Rich said:

So tempted to spoil it for everyone 👀

Na I wouldn’t do that. Looking forward to it 😁

Please don’t. But the clues are good?

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3 hours ago, DLC said:

Javier Hernandez (Little Pea) at Benfica?!?

Getting closer, sort of.

3 hours ago, JamesVilla said:

A DT? 

Nope, but totally get how you could have gotten that.

3 hours ago, Scratch said:

Was just going to say a DT. Not sure who the two Ps are. Pellegri and Pinamonti? Probably not...

Another good shout. Sort of wondering if I need to tighten clues in future on things. Sadly not though.

2 hours ago, broodje kip said:

I prefer not to guess but I’m excited!! 

Thanks 🥪 

1 hour ago, Woody said:

You tease Robert 😉

I aim to tease Mr Wood.

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19 minutes ago, DLC said:

Two Peas in a Pod - Benfica? I'm just working out who the two peas in the pod are! 🤣🤣

It’s not two people. Looking at it now, it’s probably a bit misleading.

3 minutes ago, Ian said:

Is Pizzi one of the players?

Close! I had you down as the one to guess it first time as you’re usually awesome at these kind of things!

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Just now, broodje kip said:

Pipi the Real Madrid wonderkid?

Yeah, that’s who I was thinking of with the two pea’s in a pod thing.

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2 minutes ago, Ian said:

Yeah, that’s who I was thinking of with the two pea’s in a pod thing.

Oh he’s a great player. If anyone can develop him to be a start, @Rob is it.

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42 minutes ago, FuddledFox said:

I can comment now without giving away the answer.

Good luck Rob I’m sure he will smash this.

Thanks Mr Fox. 

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Player Announcement

After some cracking attempts of the guesses @Ian came in and nailed the answer himself.293835DD-E063-4F42-A5B8-46272776B50A.thumb.jpeg.da65a81d503d8f7b3dbeb51bdaca03f5.jpeg

Rob 500 has joined SLB to attempt the 50/50 challenge where one player has to score 500 goals and make 500 assists. I attempted, and completed, this with Pedri before but I wanted to use a lesser club that I could build up and use a player that is more creative than attacking.

I opted to use this lad:


Signed from Madrid for just £2.6m (Nov DB) he is a player I have often overlooked. But he has good starting numbers in dribbling, passing, and technique, with the glorious ‘potential to improve a lot in the future’ in his coach report. Plus he was cheap. HOWEVER, he has low crossing and shooting, so.... 🤷‍♂️

(Just a bit of a disclaimer: Ian is the king of goals/assists and my target is to beat my score, not his. If I get anywhere near his score it’ll just be because I am sad enough to play more seasons.)

Anyway, thanks to those of you who have read and/or commented!

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So.... your name is Rob 500? I can’t wait when one of your club legend retires and your son name is Michael 500 😂.

He looks very interesting btw. Good luck Robert!

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