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Tactics 4-3-1-2 Strikerless with Forest

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Ok, first of all I took inspiration from this tactic posted here recently


Whilst I liked the original tactic I wanted to try and improve on it, and settled on my 4-3-1-2, pushing the wingbacks back, moving the DM in to a midfield 3 and moving the IF’s forward, this being the end result:


Admittedly I don’t score a lot, but I don’t concede either, and with better players this tactic should be a beast.

My squad:

When starting my Forest career I like to base my team around Jayden Richardson, Joe Worrall, Scott McKenna, Ryan Yates, Joe Lolley, Alex Mighten and Brennan Johnson, but for this one I also wanted to add Scott Twine from Swindon (a shadow striker who is a distant relative of mine)

I only sign players under 21, but, for this tactic I’ve kept the core of my initial Forest squad.

From my first team Richardson, Worrall, McKenna, Yates, Lolley & Mighten were at the club at the start, Vandevoort, Mitchell, Lein and Twine I signed right at he very start of the Championship season and Gabriel Menino I signed at the start of 2021/22 - I didn’t change my first XI at all for for the 2022/23 season.

My second team Mbe Soh, Gabriel, Ribeiro, Cafu, Carvalho, Swan & Johnson were at the club at the start, Colwill is my on-loan cover for McKenna, Boyce-Clark was signed as a backup GK at the start of the game and Dembele a free signing at the start of 2021/22

So with the vast make-up being at the club from the start, here’s how we progressed:-


I also won the FA Cup in 2022 and lost in the final of the Europa League in 2023 - though my two keepers were both out injured along with McKenna and Lolley.

My tactic



The results


Goals scored:


As I said, not the best for goals but some decent results, especially against the bigger teams, and like I said with better players this should be a top tactic, but I like to remain loyal and build in what I’ve got.

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