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Career Dollingstown F.C - My Philosophy


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I chose to manage Dollingstown F.C because they were one of the smallest clubs in Northern Ireland. The club was founded in 1979 and are known as "The Dollybirds". I wanted to see if my new transfer policy and philosophy could have an effect on this club.


I did request upgraded facilities & stadium with the board but this was denied. The club has basic youth & 1st team facilities. The stadium holds 1,000 supporters but currently has an average attendance of 0!



The training system was delegated to my Assistant Manager Sammy Clingan. I only had 2x members of staff when we started with one member added & no scouts interested in joining. The finances are very good due to a high number of high earners being released with less expensive players bought in.



The squad I walked into was not good enough for this league and more importantly, for my system of playing. As you can see, a high number of the squad was released. We did manage to bring in a high number of players but most came for free or little money being spent.




I used my Attacking Tiki Taka Tactic for this career. The squad adapted very well to this system and performed very well defensively. This helped us challenge on a number of fronts and even pull off some shocking results in cup competition.



My 1st season at Dollingstown F.C and we are off to a very successful start, wining the Bluefin Sport PIL league at the 1st time of asking.🥳🥳 We only lost twice and had a goal difference of 20! We fought but struggled in cup competitions and drew too many matches for my liking. We will aim to do even better next season.








Screenshot_20210405-231815_FM21 Mobile.jpgScreenshot_20210405-231828_FM21 Mobile.jpgScreenshot_20210405-231618_FM21 Mobile.jpgScreenshot_20210405-231559_FM21 Mobile.jpgScreenshot_20210405-231544_FM21 Mobile.jpgScreenshot_20210405-231136_FM21 Mobile.jpg


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Season 2 - The quest continues

I have just played out the 2nd season with Dollingstown FC. We had a very successful season in the Bluefin Sport Championship winning the league by 19 points!🥳 Dollingstown FC had a goal difference of 41, with the best attack & defence in the league!!🥳 We also achieved a Semi Final place in the Bet Mclean Cup but didn't have enough to take it all the way. Our road to the top of Northern Irish Football continues...


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Season 3 - So close but so far! 

The 3rd Season with Dollingstown FC is completed with mixed success. The club managed a 2nd place finish in the Danske Premiership due to Glentoran pushing us all the way. Our defence was also quite leaky and our attack didn't have quite enough to pull us through in big games. This being said, we had some success in winning the County antrim Shield!🥳🥳🥳 Hopefully next year...


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19 hours ago, gunnersaur said:

Keep it up man might give it a go is it like Liquid Football Tiki Taka? 

Thank you so much @gunnersaur- the football is very good. Final third play is sensational! Ill try and find some examples to show - check out the video above.

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Season 4 - From the bottom to the top now were here! 🏆

My 4th & final year with Dollingstown FC has just ended. The club won an astonishing & unbelievable domestic double with the Danske Bank Premiership & County Antrim Shield both coming home to Dollingstown FC!!🥳🥳  What an achievement for a small club over 4x seasons!


My time at Dollingstown FC have been successful & a really good challenge. I end my spell at the club with a 63% win rate(more than Sir Alex Ferguson). I have won 3x League Titles & 2 Cup trophies over 4x Seasons. It proves my philosophy works & leaves me wanting to start a new challenge!


The below shows the astonishing success over just 4x seasons at the club.


Below shows the stats from my spell at Dollingstown FC.


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Dollingstown FC - Goals of the seasons


This a great goal and encompasses my playing style. Great Technique, Passing, Movement & decision making all in one goal. Great team effort!



Second by short margin in my eyes. Again, superb dribbling, passing and that finish at the end of it, arguably in the hardest position as well.



This one comes third for the movement and decision making. The kick from the goalie is outstanding but it took the striker to move to make it work.



Again, very similar to the goal above but this time with great one touch passing to unlock the striker.



Finally, I love this goal as it also highlights our pressing game. We place pressure on the goalkeeper who scuffs his kick. The passing and movement to score after this rounded off a great peice of play.


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Love this mate, convinced me to give Banbridge a go.

You not tempted to give Europe a try?

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4 hours ago, SlyViper said:

Love this mate, convinced me to give Banbridge a go.

You not tempted to give Europe a try?

Thank you so much @SlyViper. I am tempted to manage in Europe - possibly one of my next careers.

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1 hour ago, SSolas said:

Thank you so much @SlyViper. I am tempted to manage in Europe - possibly one of my next careers.

Try rebuild a fallen big club like Arsenal with the tactic I find them quite hard to manage this year I don't know why 😂

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8 hours ago, gunnersaur said:

Try rebuild a fallen big club like Arsenal with the tactic I find them quite hard to manage this year I don't know why 😂

Thank you @gunnersaur.

That is a great idea. Seeing Arsenal at the moment does get me down as I remember the Viera, Henry & Bergkamp days so well! Possibly my next career!

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