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Career Sunderland "Till I Die"

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Well after watching the 2 Netflix movies on Sunderland, I have decided to run this along my Newcastle save. What a club, great stadium, great fans, again a club with awful chairmans. A club that has won the FA Cup twice, and against my team in 1973! They have won the old 1st division a incredible 6 times! The best manager I think played for the mighty Red and whites of sunderland! He played only 61 times and scored a incredible 54 goals! Yes that's right, Brian Clough! For a club of this size they have played the last 3 season unfortunately in league one. There stadium is a stadium to be proud of and I can't wait to get my teeth into this! I will be doing my best to get you guys back to where you belong and then take it from there. 


Sunderland Till I Die! 





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WOW what a club! Look at that! Great facilities, decent squad, great stadium. I'm all set up! 

I have set my formation up like Bielsa style. So let's see how we do! 

C'mon Sunderland!!!

Screenshot_20210406-203550_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210406-203545_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210406-203528_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210406-203814_FM21 Mobile.jpg

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Some quality free transfers for this league, managed to get a few millions for players and pumped it into the wage structure. The loan signings are out of this world for this League! 

Sunderland till I die!

Screenshot_20210406-214833_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210406-214840_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210406-214847_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210406-214909_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210406-214928_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210406-214935_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210406-214942_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210406-214949_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210406-214957_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210406-215008_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210406-215029_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210406-215038_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210406-215749_FM21 Mobile.jpg

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