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I've created my first ever tactic from scratch which I was actually happy with the results of, and wanted to share it. It was borne of some of the advice and guidance found here.

I started an unemployed career with all the leagues in the Americas. After a few months I got a job managing Alebrijes de Oaxaca in the Mexican Expansion League. The squad was unbalanced: there were no right backs at all, only two players capable of playing AM wide, but an abundance of strikers (although not necessarily good ones...). It led me to think 3-4-3 was the best shape to accommodate the best players in the squad.

I had a search of the forums here for a 3-4-3 tactic and couldn't find anything! So I went about making my own.

For the back three I went with one BPD and two CDs. This was mainly a reflection of the poor quality players I had. Although I had a number of centre backs, only one was any good, and he was my BPD. Signed two more as the season progressed which definitely helped. At higher levels more BPDs, or a Libero, might work better still - not sure.

For the midfield, I went with two WMs either side of a BWM and an AP. My BWM is on the left side of the two central only on reflection of my first choice players preferred foot.

Up front I was fluid with roles, mainly just going with what the game said suited the players best. However, I think I got the most out of it when I had what I have uploaded screenshots of here, Giménez, the AF, scored 21 in 19 games, although it isn't surprising looking at his attributes compared to the rest of the league - 15 for shooting, technique and pace

When I took over Alebrijes they had had a very bad opening stage, having won only one game in 13 before sacking their manager. They won the next with their 'caretaker' before I stepped in. Immediately this tactic secured a 4-2 win. We started well in the Closing stage, before having a bit of a wobble struggling to score goals, but then went on a storming run to top the table at the end of the Closing stage. We went on to win the closing stage knockout stage and the Expansion League champions trophy. 

We scored 55 goals in 22 games, conceding 31. 

I don't think this is the best tactic ever, not least because the 3-4-3 isn't the best shape. Every game the tactical report was 'poor use of width'. But its a contribution and gives someone to work with if they do want to use a 3-4-3 shape. Also be happy to receive any feedback on whether I might see further improvements with some tactical tweaking.









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It is an interesting tactic and your results have been really good.  Hard to spot trends in there, you have some games conceding loads and others where you have kept clean sheets. Whereas your scoring ratio is good.

I wonder if your lack of width would be helped by the two outside forwards being Advanced Forwards, I imagine a Poacher or Pressing Forward would stay central rather than look to run into the channels.

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