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Help Some Set Piece Questions (not asking for set ups)

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A few questions here, all related to set pieces

1 - For corners and wide free kicks, what matters more: a player's set piece rating or their crossing stat? Same question for shooting from free kicks too. 

2 - When you set up your set pieces, I'm assuming that the role you assign the player who's taking it is just ignored and no one does that role. Does anyone else have a problem then with two different set piece takers in your squad who play in different positions so you have different roles being ignored depending on your line up for a given game. I'm currently giving my AP and DLP the same instruction so that whichever one takes the set piece, a player is covering where I want them. Is there a better solution? 

3 - How can you see if a player from another team is any good at set pieces? Do you just need to wait and see what you're scout says? 

(3a - can anyone recommend a central playmaker who's good at set pieces for up to 80m in the second season?)

Thanks for any help :)

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Posted (edited)

I don't have answers for all your questions, but I can do one or two. 

3) The only way for an opposition player is to wait for the scout report. Obviously, if he has good crossing, chances are he will be good at corners. You are looking for a few things in the scout report, can be 'can deliver a good corner' or 'good set piece delivery' are two ive had. 

3a) One name that springs to mind is James Ward-Prowse from Southampton. He has quality set-piece delivery. Also, depending on what level your team is at, Bruno might be available for around that price, him & Grealish can both smash in a free kick or two!

Edit - @Mr B take a look in here, some good choices to pick from;



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1 - Crossing for corners, set piece rating for free kicks. In my experience at least, others may find it different. 


2 - No, that's the solution. 

James covered the rest pretty well! 

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