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Help Struggling to set up set pieces? Please help!

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I’ve just downloaded FM21 Mobile and it’s my first for a few years. I keep seeing people mention set pieces being important but I can’t find anyway to set them up? In the set pieces tab of the tactics all I can seem to do is pick my takers? I can’t find the aim or player roles that people talk about. Can anybody help me please? 

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Posted (edited)

@Ldixon_16 If you don't see the 'Defence' and 'Attack' buttons as in the screenshot from @FuddledFox, I think you're using the standard match engine instead of the enhanced one, read somewhere it has to do with that..

What I'm wondering, and this is quite a big deal to me, has anyone else encountered an issue with defending free kicks..? I want 5 players to stand in the wall, my striker among others, but he 'ignores' the instruction and stays up front.. This all results in only 2 or 3 players in the wall instead of the instructed 5.. Can be a game changer as you might imagine... It's weird because I also tell my tall striker to come back for defending corner kicks and then he does do so..

Anyone that can help me out with this? I've posted on the Sports Interactive forum about this before, but it never got solved..

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