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Tactics 32212 Tactics with Pressing forwards and trequartista

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 Yes of Course. We have

2 Pressing Forwards

1 Trequartista

2 Central Midfielders

2 Wingbacks

3 Central Defenders 

1 Sweeper Keeper

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What kind of stats wold you recommend the Pressing Forwards have with them being out wide?

Giving this a go in a new save as Newcastle and I'm 3rd, about half way through the season - it is a very solid and promising tactic.

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I also made a similar tactic in the previous edition with pressing forwards on the flanks:

This turned out to be very effective. My experience is that you can easily convert good attacking wingbacks into pressing forwards on the flanks.



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in my experience, the wide pressing forward works best as a complete forward with high values in tackling, aggressiveness and teamwork. You should orient yourself to players like Romelu Lukaku, Lautaro Martínez or mario mandzukic and jamie vardy, because i think they are the best possible players in the game. try them out as wide pressing forwards, you won't regret it.

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Thanks @Tobila82 - I guess that position is quite hard to fill, finding strikers/wingers who are naturally good at tackling.

Can you share your defence and attack set pieces? I found that in my first season using this, I conceded quite a lot from corners.

Update: I finished 4th in my first season as Newcastle.


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