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Tactics Real Madrid 2021 System

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Roles & Team InstructionsScreenshot_20210422_130750.thumb.jpg.eb4021564ccf42b880ca5c1915e07e61.jpg                                                                         Screenshot_20210422_130805.thumb.jpg.6d70b535d0b48c79eb2a0bf7a7e96e7e.jpg                                                                          Screenshot_20210422_130757.thumb.jpg.f9da6e478d138eaefe7ddc14e62daabc.jpgResults Im not sure if should call this a successfull recreation because we win most of our matches with 1 or 2 goals plus a lot of draws.We did manage to win a trophies but failed to win the league as Barcelona went on 14 winning streak toward the end of the season.                                         Screenshot_20210422_130729.thumb.jpg.36f8743bd4eb18f5f505f60ca6b6b858.jpg                                                                          Screenshot_20210422_130716.thumb.jpg.729dc62efddd9a707d8b32aa68e02042.jpg                                                                          Screenshot_20210422_130700.thumb.jpg.4e516168ef4e3dde7702c5133287985f.jpg                                                                          Screenshot_20210422_130644.thumb.jpg.79d56ff2654ad49818d2d587270c5ac0.jpgI actually challenge myself to use the lineup that Zidane use this season and i guess it may not be best lineup in FM.       Screenshot_20210422_130742.thumb.jpg.7ac5b12d961e8a70137abf8358eacc54.jpgI test this on 12.3.1 version of the game so good luck and i hope you get a better result than me.

Screenshot_20210422_130742.jpg I never post anything in this website before so i hope i get it right.Sorry if my english is bad.

Edited by Spencer08
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