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Chat My All Time Regen/Newgen Team


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So after playing this series for around 4 years, I decided I would make a list of my best regens/newgens of all time. This list takes into account the goals and assists scored, how many games they played, and also just general nostalgia for the player. Some players I could not get the stats for as they had retired in the save file, meaning I can't see their history.


Main All-Time XI

(Main meaning played over 400 games for my team)


Strange formation, but I had alot more world class forwards than defenders to choose from.


Leandro Seixas - 630 Apps, 384 Conceded

I remember he spent most of his career at the club and was bought for pretty cheap as well. Definitely the best goalkeeper I've had.



Adrien Pogba - 719 Apps, 39 Goals

This French defender cost somewhere around £20m and was a bargain.

Juan Villanueva - (no stats available)

Although he cost around £90m, he made an immediate impact and was the main CB for almost a decade.



Maksime Weiß - (no stats available)

He was the main defensive midfielder for about 8 years and I remember he usually scored around 10 a season - good for a defensive player.

Nicky McGill - 605 Apps, 113 Goals

Originally played on the left wing for 2 seasons, he retrained as a CM where he was most effective. Took corners, which helped get him his 113 assists. Helped alot in getting Keane to his goal total.

Marcelo Simeone - 914 Apps, 189 Goals

I remember signing him for around £4m thinking he would only be a player to sell later for a bit of profit. I was very wrong. He played almost every game of a season most years and the best midfielder in the world for half a decade.

Carlos Morales - (no stats available)

Another forward who retrained as a midfielder. He was originally a striker, but high competition in the position made me retrain him to play in midfield. Scored around 15 a season most years and got some assists as well.


Fabio Henrique Machado Marques - (no stats available)

Despite the spelling mistake in the formation image, he was a pretty good left winger. Would probably be compared to Mane or Hazard. Scored around 20 each season and had a few assists.

Jorge Vazquez - (no stats available)

Played CAM for the later stage of his career, but his performances on the right wing in his early career puts him in this team. Similar to Marques, but with more assists.

Jerome Pemberton - 864 Apps, 701 Goals

My first player to get over 700 goals in his career. Played striker until he was around 30, then switched to right wing where he continued scoring (mainly from penalties.)

Luke Keane - 974 Apps, 1012 Goals

My best player of all time. Started playing him around 18, as he was already 4*. He was at 5* by 22 and scoring 50+ almost every season, but never going above 100. If there was one player I would buy a custom club shirt with a player's name on, it would be his.


Secondary Team

(These are players that played less than 400 games. They could have been on the main team, but I either sold them too early or stopped playing that save.)


The same formation as the main team for the same reason.


Erick Reyes - (no stats available)

Only had a few seasons at the club, then was sold to Barcelona (I think). Despite this he was a decent keeper.



Samuel Estrada Fernandez - 269 Apps, 9 Goals

Probably Villanueva's 2nd coming. Maybe spent a bit too much on him, but was a good player for the time he was at the club.

Jordan White - 314 Apps, 7 Goals

Played as either a RB or CB. Was second choice, mainly making substitution appearances or playing in cup games but was a great backup player.



Andros Curle - 287 Apps, 33 Goals

Originally thought he was going to be Gerrard part 2, as I was managing Liverpool, however he did not have enough time to get to his potential. For the few years he was at the club he was still good though.

Rod Hill - 217 Apps, 53 Goals

For this player we take our first visit to FMM18! Probably the most expensive signing on the list (£139m) he was worth the price. Scored every few matches and could be compared to Thiago (creative, with some goals).

Dominic Lindsey - 262 Apps, 71 Goals

Played mainly CAM, which explains his incredible goal tally, or CM. I think he took free kicks which can explain this, but was still a good player.

Fabio Santos - 143 Apps, 94 Goals

Cheating a bit as he mainly played LW, he was retrained as a CAM. Was basically a striker playing in midfield. It was scary how good he was, as he was only 24 when I stopped playing that save.



Sebastian Stark - 281 Apps, 169 Goals

This German winger is probably the best player I had from FMM18 (closely followed by Santos). Could be compared to Salah. However, as with Santos, I stopped playing the save - meaning he could have had much better stats by the time he retired.

Jarvis Longstaff - 65 Apps, 47 Goals

"Only two seasons yet he's still here?" Yes. He was that good. He was backup striker at the age of 18. Could have been a 1k g candidate, however FMM21 was released, so I switched to that.

Danny Hopper - 190 Apps, 109 Goals

Feel sorry for this player, as he played at the same time as Luke Keane who was guaranteed a place in the first team and the formation only allowed 1 striker. He spent about 6 seasons out on loan to keep his ability up, and when he played in the cup competitions or came on as a sub he usually scored.

Ashley O’Nien - 91 Apps, 75 Goals

Another player who could have had 1k goals. O'Nien played at the same time as Longstaff, so I could have had a 2x1k goal save. 4.5* potential but only played a little. Still good for a 20 year old.



I enjoyed putting this list together, and hopefully more world class players will be added to it in the future.


What regen/newgen would you say is the best you've ever had?

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