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Career Scratch Tries A Maybe 1KC / Assist 1KC [Season 9]

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3 minutes ago, Dai_ said:

Back over the ton for goals and great total for assists. Going nicely here.

Thanks mate. All in all  a great season but still disappointed we can't get back to the Season 5 high point. I might have to accept that was a season where everything went right!

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Season 9

I'm back with just one more season of this (still won't finish it off).

Whilst completing the split 1KC with Lainez, I created a tactic that worked really well for the TM, even though he wasn't the focus of the tactic. He was getting around 80 goals per season and that was with a large chunk of goals going to Lainez (midfield T), no penalties, no free kicks and without wingers who could cross it in.

I felt that with a few tweaks it could do pretty well for a TM. At the same time, I was hoping the W would get even more than the 70 or so assists Lainez had been getting from the T position.

I had to try it out. And this career seemed to have the ideal pair to try it with: Scamacca as the TM and Cangiano as the W.

I moved the TM into the centre (he'd been to the left), turned the AMC role to AP (had been T), which left it looking like this:



The result was just gangbusters for the TM role. Scamacca raced to 88 goals from 28 games. 



He slowed down after that, either due to tiredness or the AI getting used to the tactic, but he still had a massive season, finishing with 137 goals from 49 games.



Unfortunately, it was business as usual for Cangiano, a really good season, but not next level numbers, with 70 assists in 51 games:



That takes us to the following numbers:

Season Scamacca Cangiano
01 34 17
02 77 42
03 75 56
04 104 75
05 114 91
06 91 75
07 91 68
08 105 73
09 137 70
Total 828 567


Scamacca could probably get the 1KC in the next two seasons, although he is now 30 and starting to age. Cangiano is only 27 and if I went for another 7 seasons he could probably make it to 1KC. But I don't have the desire for it at the moment. I've started another career to build up a team to have a crack at the 150 club goals in a season. And then FMM22 will be out...


Anyway, here's what the two lads look like:




Oh and I've done this all backwards, but here are our results:


The key result is this one, with Man City knocking us out of the UCL with a 123rd minute winner from Haaland...



Anyway, that's all for now, thanks for reading.


Edited by Scratch
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3 minutes ago, Rich said:

Fantastic season that Scratch, you have unearthed a gem of a tactic by looks of that. Hopefully it still works in FMM22 😂

Haha, it's sure not to work at all! 😄 Half tempted to stay in FMM21 land forever, with Esposito and the rest of my lads never aging...

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50 minutes ago, broodje kip said:

Stop! I’m tipping you for the most abandoned big careers!

Should I finish this one off? That would take me from 33% complete to 50% complete... 🤣

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