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Help My player’s dynamics don’t improve


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As I said in the title, my dynamics don’t work. When I criticize or fine my players and it says that their work rate/determination etc has improved,they only improve when the player has a influence of d or f. When they have a better influence, there is no way for me to improve their dynamics. I’ve faced this problem in basically every save. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

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I’m not a fan of the dynamic system they added so I try to ignore it unless it becomes a big hinderance in a save . Bet others that enjoy it have found out ways to change it. Here’s my limited ways or ideas might help .

-Talk to Player option : You have  praise , discipline and fine can’t use very often on same player need let time pass between using it or you get the player has no reaction or player doesn’t believe working done it a lot. But since you already did this move on next thing try out. Also in the talk to player menu try to resolve any bad relationships if the option becomes available for player to work out differences but it’s a crap shoot to when / how the option is available seems random to me. 
-Mentoring- try mentor the problem player if he’s under 24 years old with someone that has a plus/green arrow in the trouble dynamic and can get lucky where get the physical skills to improve but also a mental aspect . 
- Roster Changes: Maybe you can add the favored person in players profile if you can ? Try adding more players that would have green arrow in bad ones looking at players personality & check scouting reports . Check the personal screen on player profile can have message in grey or green that player is liking culture the player being influenced by current dynamics without you having do anything specific is always a plus , but also the bad message in red like “ player can’t stand club stifling culture”. If a player has a too relaxed personality or has red message in personal page usually I move on from them as there are only so many ways you can try to fix/change player/club but some players like in real life just won’t change personality or work rate etc and you just gotta sell them and find a replacement.

The biggest downside I found of the dynamic system get perfect player you want buy him but doesn’t fit in club and unlike morale which already had it seems tougher to change personality /work rate dynamics of a player plus u don’t know if player fit Til you sign him as not always a negative in scout report to give you a warning . Morale seems easier to fix with playing time, praise, discipline , fines , new contract, called up national team, if young sometimes going on loan get green morale  etc etc . I’ll let the more experienced guys take over as I feel your frustration bro would love if there was a turn off dynamics button 😅🤞

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