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Poll New Career - Should I Post It Here?

Should I post this cheat career?  

37 members have voted

  1. 1. Should I post this cheat career here on Vibe?

    • Yes, but don't include any hidden information
    • Yes, go ahead and share the hidden info
    • No, I'm not interested in this
    • No, this stuff does NOT belong on Vibe
    • Don't care...

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Hi All,

I need your advice. I'm working on my scouting app again (finally), trying to finish it so I can release a beta version. To do that though, I need to play a cheat career where I can actually use it and test it out, etc.

In the past I've never posted these careers as I figured they'd be boring to some people and upset others who don't want to see too much of the behind the scenes stuff.  

This time however, I have a conversation with @Rob fresh in my mind, where I thought it might actually be interesting to some of you. So I thought I'd ask.

I'll explain what the career is below and I've attached a poll where you can say: "go ahead with no hidden details"; "go ahead with hidden details"; "no, not interested"; "no, this doesn't belong on Vibe"; and "don't care".

If you have any further thoughts on the matter, please post below. No hard feelings, feel free to say "don't post it you git!". 😄  Would also be interested in what @samhardy and @FuddledFox have to say, because as the mods they may straight up say it's not the right fit and if so, I'll respect that.


Anyway, my plan is to do a DT using two strikers who are under 100 PA. For the rest of the team I'll go buck wild and build the best team I can with full access to their CA/PA info (the point of this career is for me to use the app!). The club would be Oxford United and I'd obviously build the team up to EPL level. The two lucky lads are:




So... If you have any thoughts or opinions on this, please share them. Thanks!


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For what is worth, my 2 pence - if the only 'cheating' aspect is your own scouting app, personally I see nothing wrong with using this forum & challenge as a way to show what it is all about. 

I'd very much like to follow it, and see what kinda things this app can potentially do and show you about the in-game stats, so yeah post with the info Scratch! 

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I don’t see the problem at all as you are being upfront at what you are doing and not trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes. In that sense it’s a “cheat save” but you aren’t actually cheating anybody if that makes any kind of sense.

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Agree with everyone else's points, as you've stated it's a for fun/research cheated save I don't see the harm. I'm all for creative and "cheated saves" as long as the poster isn't trying to pass it off as legit. 

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Go ahead mate. I've always wondered if you would ever release the scouting app. I look forward to it

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@JamesVilla @FuddledFox @Woody @broodje kip @Rich @Ashez @shosky and everyone else who voted - thanks for the feedback! 

Looks like in general people are happy for me to post, so I'll go ahead. Anything showing behind scenes info will go in spoilers, so people can skip it if they want to and of course this career is not going on the leaderboard or anything, it's straight up not following the challenge rules. 

Thanks again.

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