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Challenges The Mercurial Challenge

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Inspired by @broodje kip's article on the front page, welcome to the short and sweet Mercurial Challenge. It has absolutely nothing to do with Freddie Mercury (He didn't even really care for football), but I needed a photo and couldn't think of anything better.


Mercury is used as a name in many different contexts, but here we are going to focus on Mercury (The Roman God of Financial Gain (among other things), and Mercury (The closest planet to the Sun). The challenge consists of 3 steps:

  1. Purchase (no swap deals!) a player who is scouted to be a 'Mercurial Talent'.
  2. Play them for one season in your team.
  3. Sell them.

Scoring will be based on two numbers:

  • The profit you make on the player - sale price minus purchase price. He is the God of financial gain, after all. You may sell at the end of the season, or during January if you think he's already peaked.
  • The player's total goals and assists during his best Mercury calendar year (88 days). You can choose September 9th to December 6th, January 31st to April 29th, etc. It must be 88 consecutive days, and only matches played during those 88 days will be counted. No need to choose ahead of time, just check at the end of the season. 


Other Rules:

  • Normal Vibe Challenge rules apply (No Cheating, Editor, Restarting, etc.)
  • You must bring in a new player. You may not use someone who is already at the club. 
  • For consistency's sake, your player may not be part of a swap deal. He must be purchased outright. Transfer listed or buyout clause are fine. 
  • Any Club, Any League, Any Badge, Any Reputation

Screenshots needed:

  • Scout/Coach report including the Mercurial Talent description
  • Player stats page for each match in the selected 88 days, showing goals and assists
  • Transfer history showing the player's purchase and sale price

That's it!

Edited by hhooo
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