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Challenges Badges Of Honour 10 - The Future Is Now


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Badges Of Honour 10 - The Future Is Now


Hello and welcome to the 10th instalment of the Badges Of Honour challenges. The concept came from @Rob and the links to the badges can be found here:


This is based on the dominance that Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have had on the world of football over the past 15 or so years. And it made me think will we ever see anything like this again? Highly unlikely. But there are two players who are really standing out at the moment and at such a young age they are arguably scoring more than Messi and Ronaldo. And them two players are Eirling Haaland and Kylian Mbappe who have already scored 122 and 158 respectively in there young careers. I really wanted to create a fun challenge for only one season, so that anyone can have a go and enjoy a fun season.

The Challenge

So the challenge is simple. You take charge of Haaland and Mbappe for a season and see how much you can get out of both players. Your final score will consist of how many goals and assists both get in all competitions. The benchmark will be 30 goals each for them in all completions. I want to keep this as simple as possible as I think it will be really fun challenge and I’m hoping plenty will have a go.

Club Choice

I went back and forth thinking should I just use PSG for this. But then I thought no, let’s make it more interesting and let you pick whatever team tickles your fantasy. So you are allowed to go any club as long as you can sign both players.

How To Gain Your Badge

This is very simple. Just make sure that each player has scored 30 or more goals in all competitions. I didn’t want to make this a tough benchmark. I want this to be as competitive as possible and I’m sure we’ll get a lot of great scores on this one.


The goals and assists from both players in all competitions will be added together and will give your final score.


  • No unlockables; 
  • No cheating; 
  • Own formations; 
  • And that means don’t steal the BP and change one instruction - you know who you are! That is cheating; 
  • Any badge and reputation; 
  • Any database; 
  • Transfers, etc, allowed; 
  • You can attempt the challenge multiple times, but only your top score will be on the leaderboard; 
  • Again, don’t be a cheat


Credit to @Robfor the badges of honour concept and credit to @FuddledFox for the beautiful design at the start of the post.

Enjoy and if you think I’ve left something out, which would not surprise me, just let me know 😁


1. @Rich 182 Link Here

2. @Dai_ 128 Link Here

2. @Ian 128 Link Here

3. @FMFanatic20 124 Link Here


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7 minutes ago, Yung.Gabe said:

Hmm might post as my first challenge on here

Go for it mate, get involved 😁

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I think I'll start with this one, really struggling with the Buffon challenge.

This will be enough of a challenge as I've never really used 2 strikers before.

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1 minute ago, Aortic said:

I think I'll start with this one, really struggling with the Buffon challenge.

This will be enough of a challenge as I've never really used 2 strikers before.

Should be fun mate, looking forward to seeing how you get on 😁

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