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iScout Gustavo Scarpa

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Gustavo Scarpa (Ideal for the Beginning FM20/21 player who doesn't know about a whole lot of bargains

Gustavo Scarpa is a 27 yr old attacking midfielder plying his trade for Palmeiras who costs around 1.4 million with 5% addon when sold. This is about the average for all the saves which I loaded up then bought him. There are sometimes around 1-3 championship level clubs vying for his signature, but you can shake them off by offering 2-3 million.

He can become the core of second division clubs, and he can even do a job in the prem if you nurture him correctly. He has greens in passing and technique, but the passing always drops from 15 to 14 due to the transfer-stat drop bug. He can do a job on both wings, and can be retrained as a left-back (yellows on left mid, left wb and leftback) and cm(yellow) in a pretty short amount of time, two weeks- one month if you're lucky.

In all the saves I've done where I've signed him (Brentford, Hamburger, OL, Abandoned Park Ji Sung Challenge) you can sell him for a pretty profit (10-20 million) and he doesn't have too much contractual demands squad status-wise, but the only flaw is that this guy is not too kind on your wage budget, with around 10-20k wanted weekly.


Overall he is a 8/10 player. He performs well either at right wing, cental mid or left back.

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