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Challenges Defence is the Best Form of Attack

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 Defence is the Best Form of Attack

Steven Gerrard has had led Rangers to the 2020/21 title going undefeated with 32 wins and 6 draws. They scored 92 league goals and only conceded 13 which is the statistic that interested me because there defenders scored more league goals than they conceded. This was there first league title in 10 years and stopped there Auld Firm rivals Celtic from winning 10 titles in a row.


Right back James Tavernier was one of the clubs top scores with 12 league goals and then Connor Goldson knocked in 4 goals with Filip Helander and Borna Barisic getting 1 each. That means they conceded just 13 goals and scored 18 goals between 4 of them. This has all led to me coming up with an idea for a challenge.




The Challenge

This is a nice simple set up and all you have to do is have 4 defenders score more league goals than you concede over a league season. You must play a flat back 4 and your 4 chosen defenders must play the whole season in defence but they can take penalties and free kicks if you would like.

Here is the rules and clarifications.

  • Team Choice - You can manage any team that you would like in the game or Rangers if you want to be authentic.
  • Matches - This is a league games only challenge and lasts one season.
  • Tactics - You must play a flat back 4 which consists of RB-CB-CB-LB but they can play any of the available roles in those positions. You cannot play any of your defenders up front at any point but they can take penalties and set pieces.
  • Player choice - Your four chosen defenders must be natural (light green) in a defensive position (FB or CB) by the first league game.
  • Rest of the Team - You can play the rest of the team in anyway that you want.
  • Pass or Fail - If your 4 defenders score more league goals combined than your team concede than you have passed the challenge.
  • Points - Your points are 4 defenders goals - team goals conceded E.G. Your 4 defenders score 15 league goals combined and you concede 10 goals your score is 5pts.
  • Rules - No unlockables, editing, reloading or any kind of cheating.
  • Proof - Screenshots are required to make the leaderboard and the best way to do that is to start a new career thread for us all to follow.
  • Have fun.



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10 hours ago, Ian said:

A nice one

If I can find a way to keep things tight on the latest version I’ll give this a go.

I tend to find a flat back 4 is still pretty solid so I think this is an achievable challenge with the right players.

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