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Challenges Quadruple Quest Challenge

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(thanks @FuddledFox for the logo)

Vibe’s Triple Crown consists of three challenges:

  • 1kc: 1,000 goals for one player;
  • Double Trouble: 1,200 goals across two players;
  • Triple Threat: 1,500 goals across three players

But what about something including four players? Well, this challenge does just that.

Welcome to the Quadruple Quest.

In this challenge you need to score 1,800 goals across four players. An average of 450 each. Sounds simple, eh?

Your four players do not have to start with a shade of green in the top line, but you must always play with at least four strikers in your tactic even when one of your chosen four is not fit. Switching to a three or two striker tactic when someone is unavailable is a big no!

It also does not matter who scores the goals, as long as they get at least 1,800 between them.

International goals are allowed as long as they are scored under your management, so make sure you pick your players wisely!

The generic rules are here:

  • No unlockables;
  • No cheating;
  • Own formations;
  • Any badge and reputation;
  • Any database;
  • Transfers, etc, allowed;
  • Again, don’t be a cheat

Good luck!


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3 minutes ago, Rich said:

Awesome challenge Rob, something new and fresh is always good. I’ll be giving it a go at some point I’m sure 👍

Excellent. Look forward to your attempt.

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Oh dear. You know I had plans for a strikerless 1kc too. Now I'm going to have to choose between this & that. 🙈

This idea is great though.

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