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Career Small Heath rises! Creating a club legend (S2)

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Hello to all of you guys.

So, after months playing FMM21, I've decided to make something special. Still don't know if I'm capable of 1kc, but here I found another wonderful challenge: Creating a Club Legend.

I've thought about russian league, I know very well clubs and players there, never played in Scotland or China (I see there you go for having 1kc), but in the end I decided to mix my favourite series, struggling, luck and true story besides all the tactics and management, to which I'm new in FM mobile series. 

Here we go:

Club: Birmingham City (found as Small Heath Alliance)

Legend to beat: Joe Bradford (267 goals in 445 games, perfect ratio of 0.6 GpG)

Player to look at: Jonathan Leko, 21 yo. 



Coach: yeah, it's obviuos. 






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Season 1

I thought Birmingham will promote to EPL in two seasons. First season: bringing good guys who are accepting our philosophy and selling bad guys who think only about themselves. 

Unfortunately, now I'm in second season and don't know if I'm able to found some transfer history from previous season. As I told, to FMM I'm new and still discovering mew things for me. 

Here's some movements I've made.

Transfers in:



Juanfran (free)

Ivan Strinic (free)

Slobodan Rajkovic (free)

Jozo Simunovic (free)

Adam Hlozek (8 ml+p/ex)

Cameron Brannagan (3,5 ml+p/ex)

Christian Walton (600 k)


Transfers out:


A lot. Just a lot. 

I was expecting a lot from Adam Hlozek, wonderkind from Sparta Prague. Also mine main guy, Jonathan Leko, seemed to do his job as a striker. 

Problem, as I realise now, is difference between team tactic and the scope of career. 

I've tried to build up some really gegenpress-fluid sistem with high defence, through balls and a lot of movements. And that's not when just one person score. But in the end tactic worked and I was literally just happy to see things done by guys.

Season started very interesting. We've lost 1-3 to Brentford in Curabao Cup, the next game was also with them in Championship. 

Won by 3-1. 

After some winnings and draws, where I was still not sure about tactics and roles in midfield, we've done this:



And I truly started to believe in the tactic and in the team.

So with basically free transfers, some wonderkids in some key points (GK, MF, IF), the season ended like this:



Jonathan Leko did pretty well for start, as I think, with pressing and team-play tactic I've introduced to the team. 



Some achievements also: 



Unexpected win in the league and promotiom in first season. Good tactic for Championship, defenders with max 13 pace... Old FBs, who helped a lot with winning the title, but now obvious too old for EPL. 

Let's see, how it all ends. 

And yes, in 41 games Jonathan Leko scored 32 goals without penalties and free kicks. Too young for them, as I thought. 

GpG ratio: 0,78

Not good, not bad. Bigger than actual legend has, but there's best defenders waiting for us with a smile on their faces. Hope we'll cut that smile forever, says Birmingham City' manager Thomas Shelby. 

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3 hours ago, Rich said:

Good luck mate and loving the choice, will be fun to follow 😁

Thanks, I'll need it! Tough games in PL and bad summer transfers, as I understand now 😁 

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Season 2

It was tough, it was rough, it took from a lot of match management, but it was sooo good and pleasant with a little soure taste in the end. 


First of all, I sold a bunch of defenders with pace <12. Than I struggled to find some good players with on a market, but didn't go well. I needed first team players on 3-4 positions, but had not enough money. 

And I decided to go for loans and bring back young Birmingham star 😉




And yes. There was a lot of injuries, still don't know why. We have 2 physios on gold bage, 1 with silver, 2 prevention, 1 rehab... 




I was hoping for safe mid-table position, but we did a lot more. 

We were lucky – sometimes in matches with late goals (I hate to hold the score, always press and attack, that's why maybe we had some good and crucial late goals to save draws for us), and also were lucky that all big team had hard times. Man Utd even called Mourinho back 😆

And that's the final result: 



The soure taste was loosing to our rival Aston Villa 2nd place by 1 point and Cup match, but cheers to lads and Bertrand Traore from me. Not from Thomas Shelby, I think. 

Some trophies and our main hero stats:



Leko didn't impress me this year at all, too many injuries, and Scott Hogan, 29yo striker, was a lot powerful and productive than Leko, maybe of experience. But Hogan will go 30 next and declining, I'll bring good transfers and we'll see, how we'll do our second season in PL.

Leko' stats: 

21 goal in 33 games. 


(32+21)/(41+33)=0,71 GpG 

53 goals in two seasons, simple math tells me I'll need eight of them... 

I'll be happy if you comment with feedback on what you want to read/see about th season, maybe some crucial moments or stories.

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