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Chat Targeted injuries

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have you ever felt you have been hard done by the AI and your most reliable players are getting injured for long periods of time/crucial moments consistently

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At times I feel like this but don’t feel like the game is coded in any way towards this. So many factors like injury proneness, game time, luck etc but not seeing anything sinister personally.

I’ve been testing a lot recently just playing the same half a dozen games of a season over and over and the variation in injuries from each test is astounding really so again I’m not seeing anything but perhaps others have different ideas. 

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I have to admit I tend to think this is the case, the amount of times I've had injuries that felt suspect due to the timing is unreal. However on the other hand those injuries stand out more and feel more painful due to the timings etc, like you might not pay as much attention to some random squad player that's injured, but when it's your main man you pay attention to that. I can see where the question is coming from but I give the benefit of the doubt on this one. 

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I've definitely had runs of great form where i think the computer systematically injures someone until you finally lose. But overall, I'd say they actually underplay the amount of injuries compared to real life - and good on them cos it would suck otherwise. But for example my bees lost at least three big players for 3 months or more this year, and we've probably averaged an ACL every year over the last few, but that doesn’t happen in the game (and would be annoying if it did).

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