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Career Badge 09 - Albionic forces an old man to go in goal

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I thought it was time to finally attempt my badge for the first time, details can be found here:

The aim is to win the champions league with Buffon whilst not conceding many goals



Thought some midfield depth was needed, so signed 2 favourites, Goretzka and Llorente 

League Performance


Don’t think I have done this yet this year, just battered everyone

20 points secured



He started off well, then his stats fell off a cliff. As you can see, on the continent was where he really struggled.

Speaking of the continent, did he manage to get his hands on the trophy?


The group stage was interesting, somehow finishing top despite not beating Man United at all


The second of three British giants we encountered (and scraped by)

The third British giant, who we really did just scrape past thanks to away goals, despite dominating.


Leipzig were next to be eliminated, leaving the ultimate Ronaldo vs Messi showdown in the final



And it would be Juve who would emerge victorious, handing Buffon the trophy

Some stats



So the overall score

Buffon 57-19 = 38

20 bonus points 

Total 58 points

Thanks for Reading!

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I just stumbled across your Turkish backup keeper, have my eye on him for a longer save in the future. Great score on the challenge, I would love to take another swing at this one later!

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9 hours ago, Rich said:

Well done mate, that’s a great season right there and a brilliant score 👏🏻


9 hours ago, Rob said:

Well done. Excellent score. 

Thanks guys 😁

9 hours ago, hhooo said:

I just stumbled across your Turkish backup keeper, have my eye on him for a longer save in the future. Great score on the challenge, I would love to take another swing at this one later!

I didn’t actually use him at all, sent him on loan to Sassuolo, but he certainly looks good and is relatively cheap!

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