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Chat Attribute level for league


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When searching for players on the market and choosing attributes. What minimum limit do you set?


Just got my Ayr team promoted to the SPL so I obviously need to improve the team which got me up. Last season I was setting the minimum at 10. What would you recommend now I’m in the next league up?

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When I’m lower League 10 is what I set for most things as a standard but as I move up that will increase by 1 or 2. But it all depends what I’m looking for as well, if I’m looking for a Target Man let’s say when I’m lower League, I will only search for aerial and shooting as the lower you are the less player options you’re going to get. But if I’m a top team id expand that, look for strength, movement etc. But for me all depends the level you’re at, the higher you get, the more player options become available and the more attributes you can add for your search. 

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I search for all my players, regardless of level and position, based on Decisions, Pace, Stamina, and Teamwork. 10 is normally what I set, but I'll go to 11 if there are lots of candidates. Afterwards I just sort by crossing, tackling, creativity, or what I really need. My exception is CDs where I set like 9 different attributes to filter by since so many of them have garbage passing/technique/etc.

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