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Help My defenders don't know how to defend even though i put man

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Everytime i play,there will be a goal. Everytime i play,there will be a gap in my defensive line. Everytime i play,they shot out of goal even though my defenders aerial and tackling is 16+. Everytime i play,the match report said poor defensive aerial. Literally everytime i play,my players don't know how to block. Fmm defenders are no used on near goal and they always the reason my team rarely get a clean sheet. They will always leave spaces  even though they only have 1 striker. Even when i put them on man mark they just leave the striker with a defender who isn't very pacy. Does everyone have this problem? How can i make them not to let the opposition scores?

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Without knowing the tactic or seeing the players you have it’s going to be very difficult for anyone to give you any advice so I would suggest you post some screenshots of your set up and players.

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Yes it would be helpful to see your existing team & tactics.

Screenshots of example Opposition goals would be helpful (e.g. how the move plays out, up to the shot itself).


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having a useless keeper can be a real drag too, btw.

my teams consistently have the best defensive records in the league (i struggle with scoring the big numbers, but i can win!), so it's definitely possible. i haven't used the man-mark options at all this year, for what it's worth (very little).

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