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Challenges Newcastle's Senegalese Duo

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Newcastle's Senegalese Duo


Historically Newcastle always had quality strikers, from Andy Cole, Les Ferdinand, Michael Owen and of course one of Premier League's greatest Alan Shearer, to the current "iconic" Joelinton. But there's one pair of strikers both from Senegalese who had been threatening Premier League's defenders since their signing in season 2011/12, which are Papiss Cisse and Demba Ba. The pair were both brought in in season 2011/12, Demba Ba joining from West Ham on a free transfer and Papiss Cisse joining from Freiburg in the Jauary transfer window. The pair scored a total of 29 goals between them in their first season with the Magpies, while leading Newcastle to their best Premier League season since Alan Shearer's era, finishing at 5th place, even above that season's Champions League winner Chelsea and Liverpool. The Senegalese pair were so successful that Chelsea eventually bought Demba Ba, in which he produced the iconic "Gerrard's Slip". Papiss Cisse also left the team in 2016, scoring a total of 37 goals in his 117 appearances. 

It's been 10 years since the duo's first appearance at Newcastle. Both of them are now in the final years of their career, both playing in Turkey, while Demba Ba had just left Basaksehir and might be leaving the football pitch forever. Now this challenge will have you bringing the Senegalese duo back to the Magpies, and have them shine one last time.

The Challenge

  1. Take over Newcastle.
  2. Sign Papiss Cisse and Demba Ba. (You may have to load Turkey to have them in the save)
  3. Play for one season.
  4. Score more than 29 goals combined.
  5. Finish higher than 5th place.
  6. Transfers are allowed.
  7. Normal challenge rules apply.
  8. Have fun!


You only qualify for the leaderboard if you scored more than 29 goals with both of them while finish higher than 5th in the league. Leaderboard ranked based on total goals scored by both of the.


FYI, here's how they look like in the game at 36 years old.




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1 hour ago, geordiekrispy said:

Nice challenge, on the exact day that Newcastle signed Ba as well!

I definitely didn't know that it's the exact day Demba Ba signed for Newcastle 😅

Edited by Kun Aguero
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1 minute ago, Kun Aguero said:

I definitely didn't know that it's the exact day Demba Ba signed for Newcastle 😅

Also, how did Ba only score 2 goals in 20 appereances for Senegal?

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