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Chat Low Block Tactics

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Some failures trying this recently in the English Premier League, with the smaller teams. The most recent was with Fulham, with a bizarre 5-3-2 ... with 2 Wingbacks, a midfielder in the Anchor / DMC position and bizarrely the 2 Strikers were in the Inside Forward positions. Theoretically this should have been a 5-5-0 when defending, with plenty of cover on the flanks. But after a few losses, and with it being fairly boring, I gave up.

However have had some good successes elsewhere & in past FMs...

In India on a past FM (not FMM) had the worst team in the Division, so my super defensive 4-1-4-1 with one creative AF had to both create & score our few goals, and one old / mentally experienced DMC captain organised a 9 man, low-block defence.. Painful to watch, relatively effective. After 3-5 seasons we became more progressive when the youth stars came through.

Also in a past FM, had Swansea playing the most defensive possession based style. 4-1-2-2-1. Low block, no pressing, slow tempo, lots of sideways / backwards passing, Literally only scored goals from two attacking patterns. Defensively had slow, aerial beasts across the back 4 & Anchor Man (so rarely conceded from corners). Kept the ball so much that it limited most opponents to 30-40% possession, which reduces their chances created & shot count by a third vs normal - that was key to seasons after seasons of 1-0 wins. If we took the lead, I took off the striker & substituted on a AMC, so an opposition MC had to mark him, meaning one of my MC was even more free to make (boring, time wasting) passing options. Did variants of this for 9 seasons, was surprisingly fun. Took over Wales at some point as well & did the same with their national setup. Hard to watch. Limited creativity. Surprisingly fun.

Also have played a defensive 4-1-2-2-1 with Man Utd in this FMM21 for the 1st season, with no transfers in, just to protect a series of 1-0 wins. Was fun, but a waste of their talent. 

Just some fun examples. Would like to read others stories also!

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13 hours ago, broodje kip said:

I’ve tried them and worked quite well though it’s not as good as gegenpress imo

Does gegenpress means all over press? Because everytime i put that my team do some heavy gegenpress

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26 minutes ago, Watchhands said:

Does gegenpress means all over press? Because everytime i put that my team do some heavy gegenpress

Yes that’s what I mean

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