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Career Football Passion - Chapter One

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(June 11, 2020)- The Rochdale board have today confirmed that Elleanor Osei will be the new name on the Manager's door.


In the early stages of me playing professional football, I always saw it as a fun game. Well, until I had a broken leg injury... Gosh that hurt so much. It took me 4 whole months to be back on the pitch again. If I could remember clearly, I was 22 years when that happened and I played for Leeds United. Right after I recovered, I suddenly found myself playing with less fun and more seriousness and passion. I moved to Spain in 2004 after my agent got me a Villarreal contract which I gladly signed and well, the rest is history.


But coming back to this team that started it all for me, as the manager is quite the perfect start to my managerial career. I love Rochdale... I like the atmosphere at this stadium and the fans, my goodness, they're so loyal! It hurts to see your beloved club relegated but these fans are still sticking around. I just want to say, I'm glad to be back here and I'm going to do anything possible to get us back to League One and even beyond."



The above statement was made during a newspaper interview with Elleanor Osei, the new manager of Rochdale A.F.C after their former manager was sacked by the board right after the last 2020/2021 league match was played, for not achieving non of their expectations and on top of that, relegating the club. Just two weeks after Elleanor Joined his boyhood club but as a manager this time, Tony Elis, the youth team manager indicated that there is a player ready to graduate from the club's restricted youth team setup. The player he suggested was a 16-year old English central defender, Bukayo Angol. Elis told Elleanor "He is a natural leader. Very determined and quite aggressive too.. it's not much of a problem too because he's gonna mature and learn how to use his aggression wisely. This kid is gonna be so good if only you'd give him the chance. He's actually one of the best young prospects to come through the academy in recent years!" 




Later that evening, the board met with Elleanor to discuss the season expectations. They suggested a mid-table finish as they considered his lack of experience and also they told him to improve the squad for a better competition. But to the board's surprise, Elleanor told them he'd rather opt for the play-offs. And because of that, the board made a transfer budget of £173,000 available for him. 



(June 26, 2021)- Rochdale 

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August 20, 2021- Elleanor attends a pre-match press conference ahead of match-day 4 against 22nd placed Crawley...


Journalist 🎤: Mr. Elleanor, how would you rate your first three games as a professional manager in the League?  

Elleanor 🎙️: Well, it wasn't a bad start at all to be honest. Our league opener almost got me pissed off due to the officiating. That late Exeter City offside goal being allowed and robbing us a deserved point there but aside that, everything has gone as planned. 

Journalist 🎤: Do you feel overconfident in facing an out of form Crawley tomorrow? 

Elleanor 🎙️: No, not at all. No team should be underestimated. We still have to fight if we want to achieve our goals and this team is no push over. 

Journalist 🎤: How do you feel about Humphrys' situation? 

Elleanor 🎙️: Everyone has got a life and will have to decide for himself at a certain point. If he feels like a big fish in a small pond, he's free to leave. But he's still our best striker and as long as he's here, I believe he'll deliver.

Journalist 🎤: Thank you, I won't take any more questions.

Elleanor 🎙️: Thank you too. 


Elleanor has managed to win two of his first three Sky Bet League Two games as Rochdale boss and though it's his first professional Job as a manager, it looks like he's getting settled already. He lost a painfully "robbed" 2-1 on opening day at Crown Oil Arena, in front of their own fans against Exeter City. Although the Carabao Cup draw didn't quite favor them as they were drawn to Stoke City, he played a quite different tactics which was able to hold Stoke to a 0-0 draw at 90 minutes but unfortunately, luck was not on his side as they got knocked out on penalty shootouts. But that didn't hurt as much because a 2-0 win over Colchester and a 3-0 win over Walsall have pushed Rochdale to 8th pace on the League Table and tomorrow they face Crawley who haven't won a single game, having lost two and drawn one.


Below are the players Elleanor has brought into the squad:

🤝 Junior Tiensia, 20 years, Left Back - signed for free from Millwall.

🤝Josh Neufville, 20 years, striker - signed for free from Luton Town.

🤝 Arthur Read, 21 years, Midfielder - signed for free from Brentford. 

🤝 Jasper Moon, 20 years, Central Defender - free agent

🤝Alexis André Jr., 24 years, Goalkeeper - free agent.

🤝Harry Isted, 24 years, Goalkeeper - signed free from Luton Town.

🤝 Toby Savin, 20 years, Goalkeeper - loaned in from Accrington.

🤝Kesley Mooney, 22 years, Striker - loaned in from Scrunthorpe. 


Meanwhile, Conor Grant have left to Carlisle for £40,000... Ben Chalton has left to Hampton & Richmond for £5,000 and Hugo Baqué has gone as a free agent due to contract expiry. Lewis Bradley and Kacper Mialkowski have both left to Boreham Wood on a year loan deal...


The Papa John's Trophy group draw has been announced and Rochdale have been drawn in Northern Section group B along with Crewe, Fleetwood and Man City reserves. Group matches will start on Tuesday 31st August 2021.












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